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Friends how to know how much your girlfriend loves you These 10 ways

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Friends how to know how much your girlfriend loves you These 10 ways Friends are supposed to be so. Once we can find out in this universe, but if we talk, it is very difficult to go to a girl, so far no girl can know about her mind. But when there is love, it can not be concealed even by hiding it. When this person feels a disease of love Then he changes his world in the same way.

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Whenever anyone’s disease of love, either he or she seems to like everything then everything in the world. Otherwise he will not be afraid of dying too, and due to this love, the color that never looks good And he starts to understand the lyrics of the song. And all the things around it look good.

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And when the girl is in love with such a girl. So do not do it or do not, some of hers seem to be looking like this. Friends, if you have given any heart to yourself, but because of fear of losing your friendship you are afraid to ask him anything. If you do not want to say then we would tell you how to find out whether she loves you or not.

1-When your girlfriend just listens to you

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 When you are standing between your friends or people and you are talking to anyone and your girlfriend is listening only to you, then understand that you are special to friends.    

2-Do not leave you even after the quarrel

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If you have a fight with your girlfriend for some reason, and despite this, if you do this, then if you care for it, then you keep a very important and special place in her life.

Come on, let’s find out if your girlfriend likes you with heart

3-Laughed at every joke

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If your girlfriend laughs at all your jokes and laughs then your girlfriend loves you

4-Frequent your hair

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If your girlfriend is standing between you and your girlfriend is present there, and if you fix your hair again and again on your hair, then you understand that you enjoy it.

Know what happens next, when he does not touch you, avoiding it.

5-With you when he is very good

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If he likes to spend any time with you, then find out any excuse that he likes to be with you. And he is ready to roam with you from some excuse.

6-And do not touch you by doing it

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If your girlfriend does not object to anything near you or touching you, then friends should understand that she is in love with you. And every time she talks with you.

When your girlfriend has to go roaming, how does she do it and how she prepares you to roam?

7-Everybody says something

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If your girlfriend rubs your hands in front of you or if you touch your neck or your hands, then it is the ISRA that you can ask her to roam.

8-When they start decorating for you

When they start decorating for you | wikifeed.in

If your girlfriend asks you according to your preference or if you start to change herself and start decorating, then friends just understand that she is completely free from you.

9-And when she takes care of your thoughts

And when she takes care of your thoughts | wikifeed.in

In today’s time no one gets time to take care of themselves, despite having time to take care of you, then understand that you have given your heart to you too.

10-When you bend in front of you

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If he bowed his eyes after having a long contact with you, it could be a positive sign for you.

So if you get such gestures from a girl, then talk to her about her heart

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