Nibiru' planet will hit Earth |
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According to NASA’s report, the ‘Nibiru’ planet, which is expected to hit Earth on September 12, 2017, can come to the world, see the Holocaust video

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The time for the end of our world has begun. As you all know, according to the NASA report, a news has become viral on the Internet. In fact, it will be the same on August 12 that day, and according to NASA’s report, sciences also say 12 According to NASA, it is not going to happen in the night, and according to NASA, it was seen on August 12 that a glimpse of the NASA report was seen around 96 years ago. If this is true then it will really be worth seeing this and requesting you to see this vision from your eyes.

Similar news has come to NASA’s report today, which is a surprise news to all that NASA scientists have warned by Christian Numerologist David Mid. That our green world will disappear or end in September 2017. According to NASA’s report, the scientists have.

Nibiru' planet will hit Earth |

The reason is that it is a huge mysterious planet that NASA’s scientists named it ‘Nibiru’. And according to the report, it is being said that I am being told. This is about the excitement in the planet Earth and this is the reason why it is being prescribed to drain our earth. And their quirky theory claims. Agam and eclipse will be the cause of a planet. NASA’s food is that this planet is unknown to us now.

And according to NASA’s report, it is being told. This planet will collide with our planet and David Mead, according to NASA’s report, has said that “Great American Eclipse, August 21, 017, is a big big precursor.” The stars and their constellations of this class will not give their light and they say Even the rising sun will lurk in the darkness and it will not survive even in the light of the moon.

Nibiru' planet will hit Earth |

Friends, it is true that our earth will actually disappear in September, but according to the NASA report, this can be true and false, but it is a drug of NASA scientists that there is really a famine on our earth Hey And our earth is actually going to start reversing the cycle of a planet.
According to the report, he also said: “When the eclipse begins on August 21, the sunrise will be dark, as Isaiah prophesies. The moon involved is called a black moon. It occurs every 33 months in the Bible, The divine name of Elohim appears in Genesis 33 times the eclipse will begin in Lincoln Beach, Oregon – 33 states – and at 33 degrees in Charleston, at the end of South Carolina. “

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Mede said that on September 23, Niburu will appear in the sky before colliding with the earth.

In the meantime, NASA has said many times, “Other stories about nibruo and vanishing planets are an internet fraud, obviously, it does not exist.”

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