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From September 1, the usage of WhatsApp will be Rs 56 per year. Know what’s really on this viral news

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Such messages are becoming viral on the Internet, which said that now every year those who give 56 rupees in India can run Whatsap.

New Delhi: – A news and message on the internet is becoming viral, which said that now every year, those who give 56 rupees in India will be able to run Whatsapp. Users will be able to use this app only after giving it. In such a way, download the Indian Social Messaging App Telegram by removing the American App Whats App under Narendra Modi’s Made In India slogan.

Investigating viral claims – With the Delete Whatsapp tagline in the viral message, being claimed, “Today Narendra Modi has made the slogan Made In India. Let’s take the initiative to adopt Indian TELEGRAM instead of the American app WhatsApp. After all, this is the first Indian social media app. The Chinese have turned WhatsApp into a Made in China WeChat, then when will we take the initiative? Whats App One Year Use and Stop Its a Year .The price is 56 rupees. In India, a total of 20 crore Indians use WhatsApp, then 20 million × 56 rupees = 1120 crore is going to be out of India. For information please send this message to everyone and download TELEGRAM.

According to another viral message linked to this, Modi’s Made Made in India Indians have appealed that from 1st September, there will be a grant of 56 rupees for running WhatsApp in India. Will not be able to use it without In such a way, the use of the social media app Telegram made by the company of India in its place by shutting down the American app, WhatsApp. This will save about Rs. 1120 crores from the exit of India as a fee for 20 million Indian WhatsApp users. Quickly delete WhatsApp.

The truth that came out in our investigation – 3 claims are being made in viral messages, the first WhatsApp app will charge 56 rupees from Indian users since September 1. Secondly, the application of Indian Social Messaging App Telegram, which is being invoked by the Indian company, by closing the U.S. app Whatsapp under Made In India

In order to know the truth of the first claim, we started searching for anonymity related to the Facebook company’s Facebook company, Whatsapp. Even after searching a lot, we did not get any announcement related to charging 56 rupees in India from September 1

Then we talked to a senior Indian officer of Facebook (Whitsap’s parent company) to know the truth of the claim. He said, “In Viral message, from September 1, there is a claim related to charging 56 rupees for running WhatsApp in India. People do not believe it. Whatsapp or Facebook is not going to do anything like that

To know the truth of the second claim, we started searching for information about the company by visiting the official website of the Social Messaging App Telegram. After a lot of searching, the website’s F & Q section revealed that Telegram is a German company. Its headquarter is in Berlin. I.e. Telegram is not Indian social messaging app

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