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What Things should be kept in mind while changing the clothes in the Trial room

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     What Things should be kept in mind while changing the clothes in theTrial room

Friends, it is very important for most girls keeping in mind one thing.

Friends, it is very important for most girls keeping in mind one thing. Whenever you go to shopping in a mall or anywhere, then shopping for any of your clothes and you want to change it in the trial room on the whe. So, if someone changes a change of clothes in a girl, then she thinks this once in her mind.If any camera is hidden in this room, then if the girls are seen to be happy, then if they are completely satisfied, then it is necessary to do this and ” The thing is that today people have become very vicious due to the new technology of tomorrow. Let’s adjust the camera in such a way that it becomes very difficult to catch

Whether shopping malls or hotels rooms, it is not so easy to catch a hidden camera. In this way, we are going to tell you some tricks, with the help of which you can easily see the hidden camera. Then without delay, let us know how we can catch ‘hidden cameras’.

Let’s take a look at those tricks :

1) Finger Test

First of all, you should see the room of the trial room and the four corners of the room, after which if there is a private place, then you should check it properly and then an easy method will be to keep the glaze in the first place if the glass If you have a grapes or any intersection between the fingers appearing in the rakhi finger glass above it, then understand that these glasses are original and you can change the non-fearless clothes.

Finger Test |


And if there is no gap between the finger in the mirror (empty space) can not be seen in the camera

How to know if the camera is behind the mirror or not if you keep your finger on the mirror and it does not show any gap or spot between the finger pointing in the finger mirror and your finger is blinking from the glass. So be sure to have a camera behind the mirror.

2)Light test

And if you stay in malls or hotels, then how to check the lights of that room’s test camera

Another way to check the camera is to change the clothes in a hotel room or any malls and your friends‘ trial room or room, first of all, stop the lights of that place first, and by doing so it will prove that the place But there is no mess on

Light test |

Do this like light test

If you are seeing a red, yellow or green light on turning off the lights of the room, then there may be a hidden camera at that place. If there is no light of any kind in the dark room, then there is no scary thing.

3 )Check with Mobile Support

Check with Mobile Support |

You can also locate hidden camera with the help of your phone. If there are no mobile signals in the place you are about to change, then the camera may be hidden. Let us know that there are some apps available in the mobile to check hidden camera.

4)Familiar with sound

Familiar with sound |

Some cameras are motion sensitives, meaning they get turned on themselves when they are a bit of a hurry. Looks like a light voice. If you feel a slight voice in the trial room, then understand something is wrong

5 )Check by door

Check by door |

One more easy way if you are changing the clothes in that rum, then keeping it in the center of the wheel, before you change it in the trial room, check that there is no camera behind the door handles. There is no trace or breakage in the place where you are going to change. If this is the case, then you can understand that there is a possibility of a camera being there.

6 )Knock on the mirror

Knock on the mirror |

One way of finding a hidden camera is to check that the camera in the trial room is knocked out. If the sound is ambiguous while checking, the mirror is fake.

7 )Work smartly

Work smartly |

And one of the most special thing is that whenever you go to any hotel or mall rum, photo frames are engaged in many trial rooms. Keep in mind that even behind these photo frames, the cameras can be hidden. It would be better if you change the whole place thoroughly before you change. By doing this, you will be protected from the accident.

 8 )Bike help of this device

Bike help of this device |

Let us know that there are many such devices in the market, with the help of which you can catch hidden cameras. If you want you can also buy camera detection device.

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