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Vinod Khanna was the true ‘Macho-Man’ of Hindi cinema

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Vinod Khanna was the true ‘Macho-Man’ of Hindi cinema

When pictures inside actor Vinod Khanna’s hospital were viral on the Internet, senior journalist Marc Manuel wrote a poignant post for actor Vinod Khanna. Today, remembering him on his birthday, read a few excerpts from that post –


vinod khanna birthday special

Yes! This is a painful truth. In a picture being viral on the social media, a man wearing a blind, gripped, frustrated, compelled and dependent on his wife and son, who has closed eyes, white hair, increased beard, covered himself with blue gowns of hospital, these same years ago Is a Bollywood superstar Vinod Khanna.

I do not know who leaked this photo but the media, as it has done, has conveyed it among the people

Some people are saying that this is insensitive, it was not needed, but it is the duty of the media to present the news to you and Vinod Khanna, who once considered the paradigm of the male beauty, was seriously ill, hospitalized. And I understand that this is a news, not a big news for the media.

vinod khanna hospitalized

However, I have not been able to decide whether this is correct or not.

But the internet has become accessible to everyone nowadays, which has 24 hours of news. The success of the Media House does not depend on how many copies of newspapers are sold or how many viewers get the prime time of television.

Numbers still count, but these numbers are counted by the number of hits and likes of news on social media and on this point their success is determined.

And if the media also lacks the ability to deliver such news or picture, then the people who share their photos and pictures on such places like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram and share these pictures, and this time unfortunately, Vinod Khanna.

vinod khanna images

The strange thing is that the more painful the picture is, the more it will be shared, but in my recent view my heart is broken.

One strange thing is that all of Bollywood’s superstars, whom I used to consider as my idol in my teen and Young Age, are just Vinod Khanna, whom I do not know or have ever met.

You can compare Vinod Khanna with Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Shatrughan Sinha and Feroz Khan, who were the real Macho-Man of Hindi cinema.

Apart from these names, however, some other great names like Rajesh Khanna, Jitendra and Sanjeev Kumar can be named but their range is different.

Like a boy in the changing decade of the 70s, I have been eagerly waiting for his films, and at that time all these heroes used to be seen in about 5 to 6 films a year, and they could do the same By working in different stories on time.

When Vinod Khanna was on top of his film career, he left the film industry and went to Lord Raznish’s refuge where his name was Swami Vinod Bharti.

Vinod Khanna did the work of watering the plants in the ashram of Pune, from washing up the utensils and I have heard that such a work or ‘Shramdan’ is done as a therapy in that ashram but it has no effect on your spiritual uplift. I doubt whether or not it happens.

Although the media gave more love to this new incarnation of Vinod Khanna and started calling him as ‘Sexy Sannyasi’, but I do not think Vinod was looking for it because he soon returned to Bollywood.


He started filming immediately but he got bored again and he stepped in politics.

Like one of us, one foot in Bollywood and one foot in Parliament, Vinod Khanna gradually started getting old, yes as a fan, I was happy that sometimes he is seen in any film, especially in my friend Salman’s film, In Dabang as I had seen him, in my memory he was right there.

But till then, as long as their heart-breaking picture with this story I have not seen that he have cancer.

His image in his films has been a tough person with a soft heart, a warrior who wins with every difficulty.

But every person fighting cancer has a need for prayers because 9 of every 10 people who have been fighting this battle have lost this battle.

Perhaps the entire country, for which he was a hero, that the mixed duo would have to cooperate with their hero and one thing to be worried about.

We should leave Vinod Khanna with many dignity. In my thoughts Vinod Khanna is always like a handsome superstar and I think that Vinod Khanna himself will also want to remember that we remember him the same way, and yes, thanks to the years of his great cinema, Sir … Mark

(Authors Mark Manual is senior journalist and resides in Mumbai. These articles are from the respective Facebook book)

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