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From Today To Diwali Every Day, These 6 Measures Will Shine Luck | Today’s News

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From Today To Diwali Every Day, These 6 Measures Will Shine Luck

Now with the end of Navaratri, now all are waiting for Diwali …The festival of Diwali is pleasing to all .. People with the resolve of burning the darkness of the light take pleasure in this festival. In addition to worshipping Goddess Lakshmi in this festival, wished to get happiness and prosperity. This time too, if you are praying for Lakshmi’s worship and wishing for good fortune, then we will tell you, do not wait till Diwali, but from today you should take some easy steps to please them. Today, we are telling you about some of the measures that goddess Lakshmi enjoys special mercy on every day till Diwali.

1. Light the lamp at the main door of the house

In Deepawali, everyone wishes that Maa Lakshmi falls in her house and always keeps money in her house. If you are doing something similar, then today, at the main door of the house burn the lamp in the evening.

2. Ganga water sprinkler in the house

Gangaajal has special significance in Hindu religion .. It is considered as a very sacred object. It is recognized and prevalent that it should be sprayed at home on every festival . That is why before the Diwali, you must sanctify your house through the sprinkling of this holy water.

3. Lamp lit near Shivaling

According to Shiva Purana, in the evening, burning of lamps near Shiva lingers is achieved. Akshay Puyaan is attained because of this. Therefore, from today on wards, the lamp will burn near Shivalinga every evening.

4. Make a Rangoli on the main door


Art and culture have special significance in Hinduism. Gods have a special attachment to art. Therefore, it is the practice of making Rangoli on the main door of the house for the reception of deities. You must also make Rangoli at home door every evening.

5. Keep the home environment fragrant

In the Hindu religion, the worship method of worship has been of special significance. Dhup, Agarbatti  is given, all these are worshipped with and praise is given to the aradhya. Burning the lamps at home every evening, also burn the incense burns and keep the atmosphere of the house fragrant. This goddess is pleased with it.

6. Prepare for the arrival of Maa Lakshmi


Such belief is that in the city of Diwali, Maa Lakshmi arrives in the house of every devotee .. Therefore, the house is cleaned in Deepawali because Maa Lakshmi does not reside there where there is dirt. If you also want Goddess Laxmi to visit you and get his grace, then start keeping your home courtyard clean from today and now. Keep in mind that every corner of the house should be clean and the insects should not be kept at all.


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