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These 5 National Parks in America are home to beautiful creatures of nature | Travel

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These 5 National Parks in America are home to beautiful creatures of nature

When humans came to understand that animal birds are also one of the most beautiful creatures of nature and they need protection then these National Parks of America made a sanctuary for the birds in their park.

Grand Canyon, Arizona:

Grand Canyon - wikifeed
Grand Canyon Arizona

The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, USA, is the second most visited national park here. About five lakh people are estimated to come every year. Here you can see many types of wild animals, which include many species of bats, big horned sheep, coyotes, cotton rabbit, a special type of reindeer, mountain lion, mule deer, and raccoons.

Pinnacles,  California :

Pinnacles - wikifeed

In 2013, Pinnacles was upgraded to National Park from National Monument. This National Park preserves the ancient volcanic remains of 26,606 acres of area. There are about 49 types of species of mammals found here. Along with this, Black Tail deer, lantern, gray fox, Rukun’s, Jackrabbit, brush rabbit, ground squirrel, chipmunk, and many other bats can also be seen here.

Channel Islands, California :

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The Channel Islands are located just 11 miles from the coast of southern California, where the boat can be reached in less than an hour. This largely undeveloped islands comprise eight island chains, of which five have been formed in the national park. Both its plants and animals are distinguished in national parks made on the Channel Islands. There are more than 150 spatial or unique species of plants here.It is the only place in the world where island fox will see the island deer rat. There are more than 30 species of marine animals, including sea lions, elephants and whales.

Acadia, Maine :

 Acadia - wikifeed

Cadillac Mountain is part of Mount Desert Island on the Atlantic coast. It is located here at Main’s Acadia National Park, which is famous for its wild coastline and offshore rocky islands, pines, marsh grasslands and the Dagadar mountains of Mount Desert. Spread over an area of around 50,000 acres, the park is built at a very high altitude. These parks are famous for about 23 species of peregrine and other raptors, songbirds warbler, seabirds, goose, special ducks, dolphins, whales and other marine mammals.

Yosemite California :

Yosemite - wikifeed

The Yosemite National Park in the Yosemite Valley in California, USA, shines as a crown on the forehead of this state. Not only its glacier is present here but also the largest waterfall in North America, Yosemite waterfall, which is the world’s longest granite monolith capsule.


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