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Supreme Court allowed the passive euthanasia, said – the right to die with respect to human beings

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सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने दी इच्छा मृत्यु की इजाजत, कहा- इंसान को सम्मान से मरने का पूरा हक

Supreme Court allowed the passive euthanasia, said – the right to die with respect to human beings.

The Supreme Court said that the person who Sick will have the right to how long he wants to be alive.

The Supreme Court has declared a historic decision on wish death. According to the verdict, death will be written by the person who has died, the legality has been given with the guidelines. The Supreme Court said that passive euthanasia will be given to people who have reached Coma or died at Shaayya. The five-judge bench of the Supreme Court has ruled this decision. The court reserved the judgment on October 12 in this matter.

Supreme Court - wikifeed

NGO Common Cause filed a petition in 2005 on this issue. According to the petition, people suffering from serious illness should have the right to make ‘living will’. Through this living will, a person can say that when he gets in a position where he is not expected to recover, then he will not be forced to live on life support.

During the hearing, the plaintiff’s lawyer, Prashant Bhushan, clarified that he does not advocate active Uthania, in which an incurable patient dies by injection.They are talking about passive euthanasia, in which the incurable patient who is in a coma is fired from a life system like a fan and is allowed to die. On this, the court questioned, how will it be decided that the patient can not be cured? Prashant Bhushan replied that this doctor can decide. In the absence of a law at this time, the patient is placed in a forced life support system.

Bhushan said that the person who arrived at the coma himself is not in a position to express his desire. Therefore, you should have the right to write in advance that when your hopes for recovery are completed, your body should not be tortured.

The central government said they do not support the Testament in life lawsuit. It’s like suicide in a way. However, it is not wrong to eliminate the life sports system from passive euthanasia, or coma, in special circumstances. But it must be decided by the medical board. The government also said it intends to make a law soon on the formation of a medical board to eliminate the life support system.

Explain that the Supreme Court had refused in 2011, due to the death of Aruna Shanbaugh, a Mumbai-based nurse, who had been in coma for almost 35 years. In the same judgment, the Supreme Court had said that the recommendation of the panel of doctors, the consent of the family and the acceptance of the High Court, the incurable patients reached coma can be removed from the life support system.

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