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You will also be surprised when hearing such 15 laws in some countries of the world

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Every country has its own law and there is no reason behind every law. But there are some laws in many countries that do not have any logic behind them. It is illegal to run the internet somewhere, so it is illegal to do someday with men with mustache. Well, the number of such laws is very high, but we are telling you about 15 strange laws.

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Where on one side the internet is one of the most important things in the world. The use of the internet in Burma is against the law. Not only this, if someone is caught doing this, he can be jailed.

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Massachusetts is a place where it is illegal to go to bed without taking a bath at night. But a special thing to do with it is that even bathing on Sundays is illegal.

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You can not change your home bulb in the city of Victoria, Australia; for this, you have to call a licensed electrician.

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It is a crime to forget the date of birth in Samoao.

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What is unlawful for men to have mustache in Eureka in Nevada?

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While washing clothes in Minnesota it is illegal for men and women to wear the end clothing on the same washing line.


Victoria’s Victoria is prohibited from wearing rusty pink pants during the day on Sunday.

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After 10 o’clock in Switzerland, standing by men has been called illegal to relax.

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It is illegal to wear women in front of a man’s picture in Oxford, Ohio.

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It is illegal to have two children bathing in a single tub in Los Angeles.

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It is illegal to clean the car with an underwear during car washing in San Francisco.

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Taking the name of that animal in Australia is an illegal act, when you want to eat it.

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There is a provision of death penalty for jump from the roof in New York.

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In Washington under any circumstances, sex with Virgin is illegal. This includes honeymoon.

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