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Rishi Kapoor insults this woman on personal message : Her reply left him with no answer | Bollywood

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Rishi Kapoor insults this woman on personal message : Her reply left him with no answer

For some time, Rishi Kapoor is far from platforms any means of social communication. There is no commotion in the Twitter handle of the saga, but it has private messages and beijjati of the woman.

Rishi Kapoor - wikifeed

This time RJ Rishi was entangled with a loner of the figure. The graphic display of a conversation with Rishi has been shared on your Twitter account. In fact, a few days ago Beyonse Hollywood star had a pregnensi photo shoot.

Rishi Kapoor - wikifeed

Rishi wrote a parody of Beyonse’s photo, ‘flower of the flower are Gulshan gulshan’. He then wrote this image of the wise ‘Not funny’. The figure does not seem funny in this photo.

Thus, mercury of the wise rose. Rishi himself is one he did, but if someone is saying something about them, you can not afford it. Rishi said nothing on Twitter but a personal message to a figure.

He wrote, “Girls like you do not have the sense of perception.” So, what do I need to follow? “When the image said respect to you and your family, you do not like personal comment, so Rishi did incredible.

He wrote, ‘You need good sleep. When drinking in the morning then drink coffee As you think the world is far better than it is. I’m sorry because I’m going to block you. ‘ On this screen shot of Suchitra, social media user got angry at the sage.

A user wrote, ‘should be ashamed. Shows others their likeness, showing their homogeneity too. Bastard. It does not make its own son. Pregnant woman remained a joke. Your mother too must have had such a thing when she gave birth to a poor person like you. ‘

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