Pakistan Air Force chief ordered to kill US drone | News

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Pakistan Air Force chief ordered to kill US drone

The gap between Pakistan and the United States is constantly increasing. Sohail Aman, now head of the Pakistani air force has ordered to shoot down the US dronce that violated the Pakistani eyaraspes.

Sohail Aman head of the Pakistani air force, has ordered his army on Thursday to kill any drones that violate the Pakistani eyaraspes, even if the United States is not the same?

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The announcement was made public at the time when two weeks ago the US drones had attacked a terror camp in the tribal area of ​​Pakistan to the Afghan border. Three terrors were killed in the attack of drones.

Pakistan has always opposed the drone attack on its soil, but did not bother to say it would kill UAVs.

Addressing a program in Islamabad, Pakistan’s air chief Sohail Aman said, ‘We will not let anyone violate their eyaraspes.’ I have ordered Pakistan’s air force to kill Dronce. No matter why in the United States, if they penetrate our eyaraspes and Sanprubhata into the country, they threaten to kill. ‘

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Let’s say if the Pakistani air chief refers to the US missile attack and the Pakistani sovereignty in hideouts of terror, then these violations of sovereignty have been constant since 2004. November 30, 2017 is the CIA responsible for all the attacks of drone aircraft of the United States in Pakistan.

After all the American drones attack, the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan issued a statement of censure indicating that it would not allow such attacks on its territory.

According to the media, hundreds of citizens, including women and children. Zánganos falters from the attack. Just as senior members of terrorist groups are also becoming victims of these attacks. In many drones the victims in the attack do not even realize the situation.


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