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On The occasion Of Children’s Day, TV artists shared their childhood memories | Celebrities

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On the occasion of Children’s Day, TV artists shared their childhood memories

The day of November 14 is celebrated as a child’s day throughout the country. This day he eats all the children in some way. Many TV artists also shared their childhood memories on this occasion. During this time, television artists such as Soumya Tandon, Neha Saxena and Simran Kaur shared stories of their childhood. These TV celebrities shared some fun stories of their childhood in this way.

Farnaz Shetty:

One of my favorite memories is my first dog, which I picked up from the road. I used to play with him, feed him and take care of him. As a child, I remember saving many animals.

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Yukti kapoor:

In my childhood I used to wait for the summer holidays because my cousin used to come home. I liked to play, so every morning I left the house at four and played until eight.

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Simran Kaur:

When I was 12 years old, I was selected in the Test as a voice of Nobita in the cartoon series ‘Doraemon’. This was a turning point in my life and the next day when I went to school, I got a versatile person award from the school principal and an academic achievement award. This was a surprise to me. This was in fact a golden period of my childhood. I still remember it.

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Priyanka Purohit:

I liked to tease and worry people, the prankster. But, there were my older sisters, who had in mind that I should be a disciplined girl. He not only watched me but also sometimes scolded me. Now I realize that this helped me become more disciplined. I still fear my older sisters.

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Nitin Goswami:

In school I used to be very pompous. I was very active in sports too. I used to play cricket, football and win the game. My teachers and family used to encourage me to play. Those memories are still fresh and I lose them.

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Neha Saxena:

My big sisters used to love me a lot. We studied in the same school, so during lunch I used to find him and he would give me ice cream and chocolate. Another memory is tied to my mother. She is a father alone and they lifted all of us by lifting her. In my childhood I had demanded to go to Goa to find my aunt and I wanted my mother to fulfill my demand of me.

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Soumya Tandon:

I rarely played dolls in my childhood days. When I was six years old, our servant used to live with our wife, children and a goat in our house in the open air. I had an accessory because I was born in his presence. A family also stayed in my neighborhood. The big boy in that house was a pilot and he.

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