Numerology 2018

Numerology 2018 : Let’s see how many people will be Fortunate for you this year

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Numerology 2018 : Let’s see how many people will be Fortunate for you this year

To know the future, many astrologers have been told in astrology, one of them astrology is, numeral astrology. Based on date of birth, with the help of numerology astrology, things related to future and nature can be known. Here, depending on the number of astrology, according to the birth, how will you live in 2018, how many people will be fortunate, and who need to be careful.

Numerology 2018

Numeric 1

Those, whose birth date is 1, 10, 19, 28, are considered to be number 1. The lord of this number is Sun. People with numeral 1 are wealthy, creative, energetic, rich in many talents. The radix of 2018 is 2. These points are from your class, so you can meet the opportunities you have in your favour. If you make your best efforts then the result will be in favour. Those who work in senior posts need to keep their temper silent. Will be good in financially located, luck will get along, but there will be troubles too.

Numeric 2

Those, whose birth date is 2, 11, 20, 29, they are number two. The lord of this number is the Moon. Points 2 are imaginative, passionate, simple-minded people. These people are creative. The new year is going to be very auspicious for you. The moon will increase your imagination, because of this you will be able to get good results. This year, people who are unmarried can be married. 2018 will bring you to the destination. Make yourself mentally, because big changes can also come.

Numeric 3

People born on the 3rd, 12, 21 and 30 of any month are of the number 3. The master of this issue is the Guru. People with a score of 3 are self-respecting, courageous, unsteady minded. These people do not accept defeat by the problems. In 2018, you are going to get the result of good old deeds. This year you will be more worried. Do not start any new work without research at the present time. Family and friends may have to get help. If you do not reduce efforts, then luck can get along.

Numeric 4

Your date of birth is 4, 13, 22, 31, then your score is 4. The owner of this issue is Rahu. People of this issue are somewhat arrogant, stubborn and courageous. Also, the way these people interact with them is attractive, because of which they have more friends. These years will be better for you than 2017. The new year is going to be bright for you. If you start new work this year then you have the success of being successful. You can also get benefits in the job.

Numeric 5

Those who have the date of birth 5, 14, 23, they are numerically 5. The owner of this issue is Mercury. These people are compelling nature due to Mercury’s planet. Intellect is faster and gets moulded under circumstances. Whatever work this year will fail, it can also get good results. The opponents will try to come closer. This year new people will be in touch with. You have to be mentally balanced. There may be some problems in relationships.

Numeric 6

The person whose date of birth is 6, 15, 24, they are numbered 6. The master of this Numeric is Venus. These people are art lovers and they like to wear good clothes. There may be some problems in your marital life this year. Your mind will be romantic because of Venus. The moon will make you imaginative. Do not spend more than this year, otherwise there may be a shortage of money. Stay away from the false admirers. 2018 will be more fortunate for you than 2017.

Numeric 7

The people whose birth date is 7, 16, 25, they are number 7. Ketu is the owner of this number. People with numeral 7 are free-thinking, irritable, energetic, and attractive. If you want to invest for a long time, then this time is best for you. You can invest by consulting a specialist. This year there are summaries of promotions and increments in salaries. Minor problems can occur. These people should avoid unethical relations. Time will be your side in 2018.

Numeric 8

Those who have the date of birth are 8, 17, 26, they are number 8. The lord of this issue is Shani. People with this number will get the benefit due to Saturn. These people keep away from the publicity and keep working towards fulfilling their work. The problems of 2017 will end this year. There may be some shocking results in 2018. People of this issue try to avoid litigation. Take special care of health.

Numeric 9

The person whose date of birth is 9, 18, 27, they are considered to be number 9. The owner of this issue is Mars. People with the score 9 are enthusiastic, powerful and competing against all the troubles. The factor of 2018 is the moon and the owner of this issue is Mars. These two planets are contrary to each other. Because of this, these people will have to face mental stress. This year will learn something new every day. Avoid unnecessary expenses this year. There can be a lack of funds.


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