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Not only in India, but also in Videoso where the ghosts and people are afraid to go

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Not only in India but there is also a place in Vedeso where people are afraid to go, those who are tourists, and those who are fond of roaming, find a place to roam, Have a chat People who live in the tourist want to wander at such a place.It seems different and some people like to walk in such a place which is very scary, they are a place where the silence prevents even thinking about it. It is common for the people to wear daring, The place that is going to tell about the place, which is quite beautiful, the seven- seven are also quite scary.

Ohio University, USA | wikifeed.in

1. University of Ohio

A university, which is quite beautiful and very large in view, but people are afraid of going to this university, the name of the University of Ohio. It is the report of the scientific researcher in the world, according to the University of the world’s most horror places. It goes and goes that the girls falling here write their stories on the wall of this hall with their blood, and died in an accident besides Basque Souls of the TABAL player sometimes appear to be seen and played.

Highgate Cemetery | wikifeed.in

Highgate Cemetery

2. Highgate Cemetery, London This is the Highgate Cemetery which is in London. It is very much considered to be the world’s most beautiful and charming cemetery. This cemetery is beautiful and charming. This or the people who come upon it also get fired even by the artwork of this. The great scholar Karl Marx was buried in such a cemetery. And it also eats it that it looks very much on this place

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Screaming Tunnel

3. Screaming Tunnel, Canada This Screaming Surge, which is located in Canada, this Screaming Tunnel joins Niagara Falls in Canada’s Capital Toronto. Some people think that it was a girl’s water on the other hand, she swirls very much, and the girl screams completely by blocking machis.

Edinburgh's Castle, | wikifeed.in

Edinburgh’s Castle,

4. Edinburgh’s Castle, Scotland This beautiful palace of Edinburgh is located on a hill called Rock. At the time of the American War of Independence, many people died due to the spread of the plague. The same screams of those people are heard here. Some people even talk about dogs having souls here.

Berry Pomeroy's Castle | wikifeed.in

Berry Pomeroy’s Castle

5. Berry Pomeroy’s Castle, Britain There are two very popular women white and blue woman in this palace. White woman Margaret was imprisoned by her sister because of her burning and Margaret died due to hunger. The people here say that the spirits of both of them revolve around this place.

waverly hills sanatorium | wikifeed.in

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

6. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, United States Some say that the ghosts of the soldiers killed in the war come here and knock on the door with loud, break the utensils and shout weirdly. Apart from this, the people also believe that a tunnel was created here to suppress the dead body of TB, but no one could know the tunnel till today.

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