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North Korea and America may start a Nuclear War | News

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North Korea and America may start a Nuclear War!

North Korean dictator Kim Jong  has clearly said that now the question is not whether Nuclear Weapon will rust or  mold? Because nuclear oxide is fixed and they are prepared for attack. Obviously North Korea has exacerbated the world’s malaise after this announcement. Now we are going to hope that the left somehow prevents mold between China, North Korea and the United States.  South Korea, Japan and the United States are also preparing closely to overcome North Korea.

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South Korea, Japan and the United States have seen the content of the price penalties, but these dictators of North Korea did not come under control. Now these three countries have joined hands to plan the counter attack on Kim Jong. According to this new plan for the enemy country  North Korea, the countries like Japan and South Korea military planning  to destroy and ruin the collection of missile weapons  of Kim Jong-un through airstrikes.

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Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, celebrates the successful test of his far-hitting intercontinental ballistic missile but the United States also began to show its strength to him. These three countries have largely joined the largest Air Force base McChord. In this military exercise with six  fighter jets participated there were also  250 aircraft and 12 thousand soldiers. The incremental of this military exercise of the United States lasted 5 days.

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These military from the United States and South Korea were caused by the new threat born in the name of North Korea. Telling him a few days ago and North Korea has tested the ballistic missile, called Hvasong-15 with capability of 13 thousand km. And with that now, North Korea  also owns a missile that can destroy any city of the United States.

Information - wikifeed

According to the sources, Kim Jong-un has made those missiles  to showcase his strength to  America. His most lethal bomber aircraft that b-1b also participates in this exercise. With the comment of  rust, the United States has already started to navigate the B-1b bombers in the Korean peninsula.

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Sometimes the test of the atomic bomb and the missile by Kim Jong is constantly annoying its neighboring countries as well as the whole world. So, when the repeated warning did not affect Kim, the United States finally decided to drill off its destructive jet  army and drill military. Seeing the strength of the US, Kim Jong in an interview said that, “If any American Hawk enters North Korea, then it will be an open Nuclear War  challenge  for The United States from North Korea”.

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