newborn baby girl |

Found a newborn baby gril in the bushes in Una city of Gujarat

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Found a newborn girl in the bushes in Una, Gujarat. According to the report, he was allegedly eating food, he had thrown him for this. Keo was suffering from this girl. So that’s why his parents threw that newborn baby into a thorny herd. In this case, in India, his family, Wolo, is the latest tragedy of girls of that discharged child.

New born baby girl |

The little girl was rescued, after that the child was kept by a roti by her. And immediately there was emergency emergency services and an ambulance was called on it quickly.

After that the innocent child was taken to the hospital. And that girl’s body was bleeding. According to the doctors, “the doctors cleared his body and cleaned his body out of his body before cleaning, and ensured that the girl was brutally thrown over there and now her body began to heal and the doctors The situation of that newborn baby is stabilized.

newborn baby girl |

Baby girls are considered a curse and a financial burden in many poor areas of India.

Families fear having to pay expensive dowries for their weddings, while boys are usually counted upon to take care of their parents in their old age.The police has started investigating this matter.According to data released by United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), as a result of infantile and gender-selective abortion, 50 million girls and women in India’s population are missing.

Pics shows: The newborn baby girl survived being thrown in a bush full of thorns near Una in Gujarat;A newborn baby girl miraculously survives being thrown into a thorny bush by her parents and left for dead.The newborn baby was rescued after her cries were overheard by a passerby who went to investigate.

The little girl was found lying on the ground at the foot of the bush, bleeding from several places where the thorns had pierced her tender skin.

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