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Why NASA is going 2 crore km to mine an asteroid.


It is known that asteroids go to the treasury of precious minerals, the mission of NASA will test the viability in the nearby asteroid, and a group of niche companies is preparing to claim a piece of cake. The NASA Osiris-Rex, launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida in 2016, has traveled 1.3 billion kilometers in orbit around the Sun for a year, and the near-Earth asteroid Bennu.

NASA - wikifeed
source image: Bloomberg, Osiris-Rex mission, Nasa

In August, Osiris-Rex captured his first images of Benu and began his 2 crore km approach in December. It will spend more than a year orbiting the asteroid to photograph and survey it. In July 2020, Osiris-Rex will descend on the surface of Bennu and obtain three samples. After four years in space, Osiris-Rex will spend only a few seconds to extract the material from the surface of the asteroid.

NASA scientists believe the near-earth asteroid arrives every 6 months

Benu on the Earth approaches every six years and scientists estimate that approximately 10% of its asteroids are made of iron and nickel.

During his stay in Benu, the spacecraft will analyze the size and chemistry of the asteroid, take samples of its surface content and collect data in its orbit so that scientists can determine the probability of it crashing on Earth in the future. Osiris-Rex will begin its journey back to Earth in March 2021. When it comes to Earth in September 2023, this sample will remove the capsule, which will be a parachute on the surface.

NASA - wikifeed
Bloomberg, Osiris-Rex mission, Nasa

Industry barons see the future in rocket fuels to find and use water in asteroids, which may allow astronauts and spacecraft to remain in the classroom for a long time. Investors, including Richard Branson, Tenant Holdings of China and Luxembourg, see long-term solutions to eliminate physical natural resources such as iron and nickel

Millions of asteroids roam our solar system. The estimated potential value of some of these asteroids, assuming that you can completely discard them and accept the current valuation of the market, is very important because it is difficult to understand. According to Estrak, a database owned by planetary resources, according to Astonique, the most valuable asteroid can be worth $ 15 quintiung, whose objective is to mine asteroids. It represents the gross domestic product of the world (around $ 80 billion), 192, 283 times more. There’s a lot we still don’t know about these asteroids, so their estimated values should be taken with a grain of salt.


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