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Nasa to fly a Helicopter on Mars Earth – Science News

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US Space Agency NASA is preparing to add another success to its ambitious project on Mars.

US Space Agency NASA is preparing to add another success to its ambitious project on Mars. NASA wants to deploy the next-generation rover on the surface of Mars by 2020. In this direction, NASA sent a rover on the surface of Mars. Now he wants to make a small helicopter hit in that land. This type of plane will fly on the surface of Mars for the first time. The helicopter, powered by a remote control, weighs about 4 pounds.

Nasa helicopter - wikifeed

These helicopters fly with the help of a thin blade. NASA says that the speed of its wings is 3 thousand rpm. The helicopter flies up to 40 thousand feet on the ground. The atmosphere of Mars is about 1 percent of the Earth, so its height here is similar to the height of 1 lakh of the earth.

Nasa helicopter - wikifeed

According to NASA officials, he will send the rotocraft to the car-shaped rover in his ambitious project. Here the Rover will instruct the helicopter. NASA says the idea of ​​flying a helicopter on Mars is exciting. According to him, we will obtain many types of information from the helicopter in the Land of Mars.

According to NASA, he is planning to keep the flight test period for 30 days. This includes some short flights. It also includes 30 seconds of flight. The helicopter’s solar cells have lithium-ion bitery, which will provide energy at night. The mission of NASA’s 2020 will be launched in Capitol, Cap Cavalli in Florida in July 2020. In it, the rover will reach Mars Earth in February 2021

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