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MONSTER SHARKS: 512 Year-Old Greenland Shark Found in Arctic | Information

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MONSTER SHARKS: 512 Year-Old Greenland Shark Found in Arctic.

A group of scientists have recently discovered a shark and have estimated it to be more than 500 years old. But the most recent update states that the shark test 3 9 2 years old, 512 years ago for his previous claims. According to reports, the Greenland shark must reside in the Arctic and could also be the oldest surviving vertebrae in the world.

In exactly 1 hr and 7 minutes a satellite tag will pop-off from this Greenland shark female, it will float to the surface and establish contact with an Argos satellite. It will then transmit information on position as well as occupied temperatures the past 3 months. By tomorrow morning I will hopefully have the data which just can make it into my PhD before ending in four weeks. All of this (except handing in PhD in four weeks) will however only happen IF 1) the shark is not under sea ice (which would inhibit satellite transmission), 2) the sea is not too rough where the shark is which could lead to that the tag cap can’t be exposed properly in the air or 3) that the shark has not been deeper than 2,000 m which would have crushed the tag and destroyd it…. it also requires that there is no annoying animal eating the tag before we get the data which happened to us on a previous deployment. FINGERS CROSSED#greenlandsharkproject Photo credit: Takuji Noda

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The researchers measured the creature and estimated that it could have been born as 1505. This temperature is known at temperatures of-1 ° C and 10 ° C. Metro report. A. UK said the shark can swim as 7,200 feet deep and could make more than a ton of weight.

The Anguilla Shark is even older than the megalodon, having evolved 80 million years ago. But what’s especially about the Anguilla Shark is that they still exist.

Fortunately frilled sharks live in the ocean and are not known to attack humans. If they did, they would be sure to leave a mark on their rows of very sharp teeth.

500 years shark - wikifeed

According to the report, the found shark is 18 feet long. This measure means that the shark can be anywhere between the years 272 to 512, as this species grows at a rate of 1 cm in a year.

500 years shark - wikifeed

Sun report says it is the oldest analysis of Greenland sharks 28. The estimated life of these sharks is 400 years and they live floating around the couple

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