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Insecticide remains stuck in these 12 fruits and vegetables | Health & Fitness

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Insecticide remains stuck in these 12 fruits and vegetables

Nutritious food is considered incomplete without vegetables and fruits. But most of the people don’t know about the fraction of pesticides that remain stuck on the surface of these fruits and vegetables.

Different types of insecticides are used to protect crops from insects during farming. After that, the vegetables reach our dining table. The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit organization, has released 12 most ‘dirty’ vegetables and annual list of fruits in the United States.

These include strawberries, spinach, peaches, apples, shafts, pears, cherries, grapes, celery leaves, tomatoes, red chilies, and potatoes.

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As far as strawberries are concerned,the data provided by the US Department of Agriculture, 706 samples of strawberries were examined in 2015, out of which about 70 percent of the 70 different types of pesticides were found.

Healthy diets - wikifeed

In Europe, the European Food Safety Authority (EFE) has said in a report this year that 43.9 percent of samples out of more than 84 thousand samples were found in pesticide residues. Although their volume was not of a dangerous level.

However, according to Carlos Depadra, director of ‘No Toxing to the Living Sanyo Foundation’, it is not possible to generalize which fruit or vegetable may contain more pesticides.

Healthy diets - wikifeed

But some health workers are worried that in the small quantities right, but the presence of such insecticides together can come as a ‘cocktail effect’, which increases the risk. According to some scientific researchers in this regard, a mixture of different poisonous substances such as pesticides can affect fertility, quality of semen, and brain development in children and can also cause hormonal problems.

Healthy diets - wikifeed

According to Di Prada, the use of organic fruit vegetables is the most effective way of avoiding pesticides. Although they can be heavy on the pocket and they are not easily available everywhere. Rubbing and washing of fruits and vegetables also help, although this does not completely eliminate pesticides. The list of the dirtiest fruit-vegetables made after the samples tested in the United States was made.

Healthy diets - wikifeed


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