isis jihadis only want sex

ISIS militants keep women slaves

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Terrorists present themselves in such a way that they are banging. They are killing people, they are all jehad. By which he will go to heaven. Then sex is the part of which jihad? In the search of which paradise they keep women as their slaves. No, this can not be jihad. Because jehad is so evilIs against Whether that evil is inside you or outside. So what are they doing like that? For whom they are called jehadi? Terrorist women make sex slaves, sometimes it comes, so sometimes they have sex with animals. Before talking on this, it is important to know what happens to jehad.

Jihad is of two types Jihad i.e. hard work and hard work. There are two types of jehad in Islam. Jihad al-Akbar i.e. large jihad and second jehad al-asghar i.e. small jehad Jehad al-Akbar is a non-violent struggle in which a man tries to reform himself. Attempt to control your sensesDoes. Its purpose is to suppress bad thoughts or bad wishes, crush them. The purpose of jehad al-Asghar is to fight for the protection of Islam. That is, when there is no freedom to follow Islam, it can be obstructed, or Muslims should be exploited, trying to stop it and sacrificing for it is jehad al-azgar.

Then why do not control their senses? Search Google, in which ISIS is the sexual stories of terrorists. There you will get news of women making and maintaining a sex slave. There will also be reports of sex with animals. This year a video had surfaced, in which a terrorist from ISIS was having sex with a donkey. These videos were from Syrian, who drone with his camera.

In 2015, painful news came from Mosul of Iraq. 19 women were killed by the terrorists, because they were not ready to have sex with them. Kurdish officials had confirmed this incident. It is said that Islamic State has its own merit bureau, which markets the weddings and women. From there, the price of women is also fixed. The commanders of the Islamic State give their victims first chance to buy them. After this, rich foreigners get a chance to bid.

Terrorists just want sex ‘ Women living in ISIS have revealed that they wanted only and only sex with them who call themselves jehadi. And he was not interested in anyone. According to Daily Mail’s report, wives and widows who live in beedis say that the brokers sell women to terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

Indonesian three sisters Rahma, Fina and Noor say that she wanted to marry ISIS Jihadi. For this he traveled a long way and spent a lot of money in the ISIS occupied area. They thought that the ISIS affiliates are real Muslims. Those who want the good of Muslims But they saw something else there.

These three sisters said that they did not know that those who talk about jihad with the name of Allah can become so inferior. When a jehadi met him, he said that he is jehad for Allah. Her woman is for sex It was absolutely breathtaking.

Tale was spoken in Missouri attack in the US. The teacher was a guru. In the name of Islam, it was referring to purification. The name of the magician was his He gathered hooligans around the capital of Amman, Jordan. Give religious education The real motive was to bombs them away from the bombs. soHis disciples would go and break the boards of liquor shops, and never shoot a video shop. Once a member of the group said. I will jihad He was given a job to bomb Where, in a movie hall featuring an adult movie. These cinemas are called salwa in Jordan.

Jehadi went Exploded in a while. How many died, how many injured …

No one died. The injured just got a man Both of his legs were blown away.

This man was the one who went to put a bomb. How did that happen Has the bomb already exploded?

No, these bamboo took the red bomb. The film was going on within. Put the box below the chair. Placed his turban above the chair. After seeing the movie, started watching the film. Forget that the bomb also has to burst. If the bombs exploded, they made such a tension. The police caught him in the infamous Al Jabr jail of Jordan. Here Jarkawi served her big service

isis jihadis only want sex

Jihadis of Kashmir are not even different. Zakir Musa took the place of Burhan Wani in the terrorist organization Hizbul Mujahideen. But now he is separated from that organization. Zakir Musa is now connecting 200 boys with them in the valley. Moses has just recruited a man named Ghulam Hassan Wani. SlavesHassan Wani is a man who was accused of having sex with the madrasa children. Vani is a resident of Dalipura, south Kashmir. The police had arrested some of the boys in a local madarsas in Wani for allegedly sexually harassing them. The parents of those children had not filed the complaint. Due to which he had to leave.

While an officer of the Jammu and Kashmir Police told INDIA TODAY that the police had only suppressed the case to hide the identity of children. According to the police officer, Danny is considered to be ‘parvart’ ie impaired. Once Wani was caught by neighbors while having sex with a pet. At the same time, Moses is a resident of South Kashmir. There are reports that after the differences with Musa Hijbul Mujahideen’s gangster Syed Salahuddin, the terrorist organization has joined Islamic State.

Should understand those people who support such people somewhere or they keep quiet on their balm. What is this jehad, which ends on sex? In the name of Allah innocent people are being killed. If there is no conspiracy to defame Islam by wearing a sheet of jehad on this bloodstreamIf Jihad is to be done then what about Jihad Al Akbar? Why does jihad al-Akbar, the biggest jihad to tell the killer martyr, jihad? Why do women make sex slaves? Why not keep the senses under control? And the bloodshed that is called jehad is not a jehad but a murder. Is terror.


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