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In the son’s wish, a man made his wife’s four abortion and shameful acts

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Beta Kulwans happens. That’s what our generation had gone forward and had come to the next coming Van. Old age is supported. The son is the blackness of his parents. And the daughters do not give much attention to them because they have no money left. They have to leave their home and go to another house to go home. Such things are common in your country. Even today, grandmothers bless girls, ‘Milk Nahao, Puto flour’. How Normal Looks To Say ‘Being a Child Going to do’. Why not say, ‘baby is about to happen’. In the son’s favor, leaving wife, killing, second marriage, dancing around Tantric-baba, all these are news of daily in India. But such mental bankruptcy is not limited to just his country. In China, such a ‘man’ has been found, that as a child, only ‘man’ is needed.

In China, a man has made four abrasions of his wife in his desire to be a son. in one year. The son does not have to make an abortion again and again. When the wife caught the bed, she left it. The woman could not catch all this. And she died. Now the lady’s house is demanding justice

According to China’s news, Yuyu has a daughter. Her husband said that as long as there is a girl in the ultrasound during pregnancy, continue doing abortion. Husband’s name could not be known. When the health of the youth after the four abortion has worsened, the husband sent the divorce certificate. This shock was not able to get the wife baradas. She broke her in severe condition.

The yuva got disturbed when husband’s divorce was sent. She got 170,000 yuan from her husband to get her treatment and treatment. But the doctor could not save him. The mother of the Yuu and her family had brought the bones of the yuas from her husband’s house and are now demanding justice. The mother of the mother died of her daughter.He is in shock and is forced to stay on a wheelchair. He has brought with him the four-year-old daughter of Yuyu. That man is not ready to meet the family too. According to the report, he is going to buy a new car to get another marriage. People are considered responsible for the death of the youth. Police is investigating the case.

Berth policy in china By :-2015, only one baby could do in China. Because the population here is very high. But after that China had approved two children. That’s why abortion is valid here. But the aborption made in view of the gender is not valid. China’s sex ratio in 2001 is 100 girls.There were boys. After this the Chinese government stern and banned sex-selective abortion. There is a provision for strict punishment for this, but still the work is going on. People try to know sex during pregnancy by paying a heavy fee.

I do not understand when the ‘sickness’ of the mind of the people will end. What is its treatment Girls have proven themselves better in every field. Whether it is a career or caring for parents. But still people can not give up the boy’s love. What is this blunt thinking that some kind of light work. Not doing it. A few days ago a news had also come that a woman had abortion after having a son in her womb because she wanted daughter. We believe it too wrong. Any kind of discrimination will be wrong. We do not trust the eye instead of the eye.

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