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How to find high cpc keywords for blogger…

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How to find high CPC keywords for blogger

Hello, everyone, my name is Rahul. if you’re looking for a blogger that shows. How to find high CPC keywords, you exactly the way, the best way to find a good keyword that gives you a lot of money when someone clicks on your ads this read is for you. in this blogger, I will show you the fastest ways to find high CPC Keywords in just 5 Simple Steps. I use this technique myself in my blogger website you can visit my website.

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How to find high CPC keywords

  • find a long tail keyword in google or/ and youtube,
  • keyword Planner,
  • SemRush,
  • Moz keyword explorer,

find a long tail keyword in google or/ and youtube

So first you have to go to google and find a long tail keyword. A long tail keyword basically it’s just a combination of 4 words or more. so the good and if you are making a blog post I suggest you go to the blogs post as well. the second one is the keyword Planner from Google AdWords. you can just use it for free and you just go there and find the keyword that you have found on google and try to find how many people are doing a search on the particular long tail keyword in a month. I will show you after this slide. and the third one is SEM Rush. It’s not a free tool but you can just use that maybe like three times a day i Think and then you can take a lot of advantages from that. I will show you the the way to do that.

The 4th One Moz keyword Explorer you can find the difficulty that you can rank the keyword or not and last one you want to generate like a catchy title you can just use treakyourbiz title generator ok so let’s go to google let’s say now I’m looking for making a new post about.

how to find high CPC keywords for youtube

javascript tutorial. so let’s say javascript like that. so if it’s just one word. It is not a long tail keyword and you can see a result here is 1 billion. 1.7 billion ok it’s ridiculous you know. javascript is very popular so you don’t want to mess with just one word like that. So let’s say JavaScript Tutorial Now it’s 19 million and maybe like for beginner it’s still 18 million it’s not good so to just go down here google gives you the best way to get the long tail keyword and just grab anyone you like maybe this one is good ok now javascript tutorial for beginners with examples and maybe I don’t like this one.

How about this one maybe like learn javascript ok a lot! maybe for a beginner is 2 million ok now as you can see that is an ad here. you don’t want to find the key but that has no ad ok now this one is a good one learn javaScript for a beginner even though it has two million results here so now go to visit so this is my website please it if or now go back to our lesson.

keyword Planner

ok if the reason is like under 200,000, it’s considered as a good result ok so let’s go and you need to sign in and now you are good to go to search for any keyword and press on the first one and paste the key word here. and if you have a landing page. for example, you have a website, you should put your website here. and this one is not necessary just leave a blank here and all location because we want to find a keyword that people are looking for around the word. just leave this one and language would be English.

keyword Planner - wikifeed

And… the one if you tick on this one it means that the result would be a combination of google and youtube and other partners you know if you have any negative keyword just put it here but it not necessary for now and just press the get idea here ok now it seems like ‘learning javascript for beginners’ is a good keyword because the result here is 100 to 1k. it means that it is a long tail keyword.

If you see something like 10k up to 100k, it just means that is not a long tail keyword yet you have to find something like from 100 to 1000 ok? and competition here is medium it is good some people said that is you have to find a low competition but they are wrong!


ok please understand this. listen, this is not what you are doing for advertisers we are publishers ok and now you are using a tool by advertiser you can see this is the google adwords, not the google adsense. ok so this tool is not for you actually it not. this tool for advertisers that tried to rank you know by a particular keyword. for this keyword and the website have to pay this money there almost four dollars to google if someone clicks on the ad if you go there and click that so it just means that as a lot of ads. so the medium and high it just means it is good for you as a publisher ok and then you can go to SEM rush maybe choose us because you have will pay you more…

SemRush - wikifeed

be careful in SMERush you can just find it like three times a day so be careful when you paste the keyword here because when starting one time two that’s all okay. and now it seems like a good keyword the CPC is to click on this SERP, search result here.

would click the keyword that I want to find this one learning javascript for beginners can you see that? now you can see that a lot of ads here and maybe why you have many ads on the SEMRush? Because you are living in a different country.

Moz keyword explorer

and semrush tried to get all the ads around the word and show you at least four ads on the top. it’s a good sign if you find keywords and you go to semrush and click on this and you don’t see any ads. it means it not a good keyword ok. so believe me this is the right way and the next one you have because Moz has many tools like you know backlink this and this one is free but like one or two times per day, I think maybe three maybe so just use that ok now you can see that difficulty is 65.

Moz keyword explorer - wikifeed



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