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The festival of green teej in India, today is considered very important for womens

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The festival of green tea in India is considered to be very important for suhaginas. This festival is celebrated with a lot of Dhumat in the states of North India. In Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, on this day, Hindu Suhagans, women wear new clothes on this day wearing new clothes and worshiping Lord Parvati and Lord Shiva. Hariyali Teej is celebrated on the third date of the Shuklpaksha of the Sawan month. This is also called Shravani Teej or Kajri Teej. This year, this is happening on Wednesday ie July 26.

This time the auspicious time of worship of Hariyali Teej is from 9.25 am to 8.00 pm in the morning. Hindu women also keep fast on this day for their husband’s long life. In the evening along with the fast, the story is also narrated.

Story of Teej According to legendary assumptions, Hariyali Teej’s fast story was written by Swayam Shivaji to recite Mother Parvati for her last birth.

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Lord Shiva had said to Mother Parvati that, O Parvati, many years ago, you had done terrible penance on the Himalayas to get me. Despite difficult circumstances, you did not do it with your fast, and you continued to eat your dried leaves, which was not an easy task. Shivaji told Parvatiji that when you were fasting, seeing your situation, your father Parvaraj was very sad, at that time Narada Muni came to meet him and said that Lord Vishnu was very happy and wanted to marry him after seeing your daughter’s worship.

Parvatraj accepted the offer of Narada Muni immediately. But when Parvati came to know about this proposal, Parvati was very unhappy because Parvati had already considered Shivaji as its leader.

According to beliefs, Shivaji said to Parvati, ‘You told all these things to one of your friends. Saheli hid Parvati in dense forests. Meanwhile, Parvati, Shiva’s penance. On the third day i.e. green foliage, the Shivlinga of Parvati sand was made. Being inspired by Parvati’s harsh penance, Shiva appeared to Shivling and accepted Parvati for herself.

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Lord Shiva

According to the story, ‘Shivaji said that Parvati, it is possible that this meeting is possible only through your extreme penance. Any woman who will perform austerity in the month of Shravan for the third part of Shukla Paksha, with my sincere reverence, I will provide her the desired results.

According to the belief, Parvati had got 107 births to get Lord Shiva. Mother Lord Parvati’s harsh tenacity and in her 108th birth, Lord Shiva accepted her as his wife, since then this fast started. Devi Parvati also promised this day that whatever woman will keep her fast on this day in the name of her husband, she will give her husband the blessings of longevity and healthy life.

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It has been mentioned in the future that the good fortune of the women is enhanced by the fasting and worship of the third and the yoga of the virgin bride gets stronger.

How to celebrate Tee Hariyali Tees enjoys the blessings of Mata Parvati for her husband’s longevity by keeping the fast for marriage. On this day there is a tradition of creating a henna by happy women and blessing of elderly women of the family. New-wives first celebrate Hariyali Teej by coming to Maiden in Savannah.

Greening is the rule of Teej that do not let anger get into the mind. On this day married women should wear only clothes come from their maternal warders – as well as in the make-up, the items used from there should be used. It is believed that the virgins who keep this fast are overcome obstacles in their marriage. On this day, keep the anhydrous (without water) fast for the long life of your future husband or husband. During the fast, worshiping Lord Shiva and mother Parvati after performing all 16 makeup. Add new bangles, henna, and alta in the legs

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Those women who fast on this day should worship only after worshiping Lord Shiva. This time, the green fodder is on Wednesday, so after the worship, do not get the laddoo’s pleasure, because Laddoo Lord Ganesha is very much liked. This festival is celebrated for three days, but due to lack of time people have started celebrating it on a single day.

Worship method First of all, women gather in a garden or temple, decorate the statue of Mother Parvati with silk and jewelery. Make a statue of a half-goal and keep the statue of the mother in between and worship the mother. Give a woman story of all women, listen carefully to all the stories, and meditate on the husband in mind and wish the long life of the husband.

On this day, the ladies of Suhagin touch their mother-in-law and touch them. If you do not have a mother-in-law, then you give Jethani or elderly woman to the house.

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It is very rewarding to chant the following mantra on this day.

mantra – Gana Gauri Shankaradhangi as Shuddha Shankar Priya Mother Kuru Kalyani Kant Kanta Sudalabham

Importance of Sindhara The festival of Hariyali Teej has a special significance for henna, hammock and suhag symbol. On this special occasion, the newlyweds have a tradition of calling their mother-in-laws. They bring Singhraha with them. Along with the maiden clothes, jewelery, honeycombs, sweets and henna are sent, which is considered as a gift of Teej.

Swaps are replaced in the villages and towns. Kajri songs sung by the women swinging collectively.

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