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Google’s AI Defeated by a Six Year Old Boy

If you think Artificial Intelligence (AI) can overcome humans in solving the problem, then you are wrong. It has been revealed in a new study that the Intelligence Quotient of a 6-year-old child is more than Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Apple’s Siri.

According to research papers written by three Chinese researchers, including Yang Yang, Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Center on Fictitious Economy and Data Sciences, Google’s Artificial Intelligence’s IQ in 2016 was 47.28, which is close to Apple’s 23.94 Was double. At the same time, IQ of a normal child of six years is more than that.

Google’s AI IQ has increased fast

Researchers found that an average 18-year-old adult IQ is 97, while the IQ of 6 year old child is 55.5. Where Google’s IQ is 47.28. At the same time, the Chinese search engine Baidu’s 32.92, Microsoft’s Bing of 31.28 and Apple’s Siri’s IQ 23.94.

Google’s Artificial Intelligence’s IQ has grown exponentially. In 2014, Google’s Artificial Intelligence IQ was 26.5, which increased to 47.28 in 2016. At the same time, Microsoft’s IQ was 13.5 in 2014.


AI’s Way is Not Easy

These technology companies have to make a lot of efforts to defeat a 6-year-old child before handing them over to an adult. This new study has put some light on the possible outcome of human versus AI system.

In the report submitted to Cornell University Library last week, it said, “At present, artificial intelligence is one of the most interesting areas in scientific research. The potential risks arising from the Emerging Intelligence system have remained a source of controversy. This study introduces a standard intelligence model to combat the risks of artificial intelligence. ‘


Big Companies are interesting in Artificial Intelligence

The development of artificial intelligence among the big technology companies has become a matter of great interest. Many companies including Apple, Google and Microsoft have invested in AI Research and are continuously increasing their investment.

Google purchased the UK’s Artificial Intelligence Company Depmind in 2014 and it has doubled the amount spent on top talent. According to a recent PwC Global Auditing and Consulting firm, automation will strengthen global GDP by 14 percent by 2030.

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