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Google has revealed that in 2017 Pakistan can not stop thinking about Bollywood India

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Google has revealed that in 2017 Pakistan can not stop thinking about Bollywood India.

Google has revealed that the list of Indian three films in Pakistan in 2017 lists the top five searched words, as well as with the discoveries of India too.

While India and Pakistan may be in constant struggle on the political front, the concept of global village is working through the Internet, because the Indian name and post are headed by Google searches from Pakistan in 2017


Bollywood India news - wikifeed

Amir Khan film ‘Dangal’ is the third issue to discover the word in Pakistan in the year 2017. Ironically, the film could not have done the theater thing.

यह भी पढ़े: फिल्म ‘दंगल ने तोडा विश्व रिकॉर्ड 2000 करोड़ कमाने वाली भारतीय के पहली फिल्म

Bio-photo wrestling based on national wrestling champion Mahavir Singh Fogut and his daughters Olympic-medal winner Gita Fogut and Babita Fagot were not well received by neighboring countries. The Pakistani censorship board had demanded the removal of scenes when reviewing the film for release which were the national anthems of the Indian flag and the game in the background. Co-creator of the film Amir Khan decided to release the film without the national anthem.


Bollywood India news - wikifeed

Another release of Bollywood, appears as the fourth most searched word in Pakistan in the year 2017, Raees. In presenting Shah Rukh Khan and Navajuddin Siddiqui as male leadership, Pakistani female leading actress Mahira Khan also banned in Pakistan on the Raees, signaling a trend.

According to the Pakistan certification board film, the film depicts Muslims in low light conditions. News from Pakistan also said that the Board of Directors censored the sequence of actions demonstrating violence and was “inappropriate content”. The uphill story revolves around the character of Ascent Alam, a gift from the Muslim mafia that empires came in the western Indian state where alcohol consumption and sale is prohibited.

Bollywood India news - wikifeed

Farhan Saeed, singer of Pakistan, who along with his band the waters in India, may be the cause of the fifth most sought after word in the neighboring country: half girlfriend Saeed has added the popular movie number Ghoshal with the creditor of the Indian singer, for a little bit of songs. Starring Arjun Kapoor and shraddha Kapoor, the film’s unique achievement list has been ranked.

Bollywood India news - wikifeed

Of the most wanted people in 2017, Indian agent Rishi Kapoor is in fourth place in Pakistan. After his tweet on Pakistani-occupied Kashmir, the actor was shocked, where he said what we must do to accept his (India) and what it is. After his tweet, Jammu social worker Sukeshe Khajuriya knocked on the door of district magistrate Judge J and demanded Kapoor’s action in section 1 9 6, for accusations of accepting Pok as part of Pakistan.

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Bollywood India news - wikifeed

The second highest search in Kapil Sharma shows Pakistan. Interestingly, the Indian comedian Kapil Sharma starred in his own film “Phiranga”, which was established at the time of independence, which gives close allies to each other on both sides of the border. The program is no longer broadcast.

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