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Google Doodle Celebrates William Henry Perkin’s 180th Birthday

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Google Doodle Celebrates William Henry Perkin’s 180th Birthday.

Google has honored William Henry Perkin with a scribble. Google has created a doodle titled 180th birthday of British chemist Sir William Henry Perkin. Henry Perkin started working with the German chemist August Wilhelm von Hoffman at the age of 15 years. They were investigating the Kinani pills and, through it, the plan was to fight malaria. One day, under the same persistence, he discovered a line and discovered that if it is mixed with alcohol, it becomes purple. In this way, unknowingly, they brought the revolution to the world of dye and found a cheap and widely used method for coloring clothes. Purple Color changed his life and due to the use of this color in the monarchy, his business life also changed.

Google Doodle Celebrates - wikifeed

Such stories have been used very well in cinema. In Bollywood, Phunusuk Wangdu of ‘3 Idiots’ has been the most fame scientist. They use such games in sports that are not only fun but also wonder.

Mister India:- Anil Kapoor’s father makes such a pot that the person can be missing by wearing. This hypothetical experiment in the film has played a lot of fun. Sridevi was also with Anil Kapoor in the film. Director Shekhar Kapoor.

Robot:- In Rajinikanth’s hit film, he has become a scientist, and he makes a robot that is no less than a human being in any sense. The movie was tremendous, and now its sequel is also going to come. The film was directed by Shankar.

Raavan:- In ‘Raavan’, Shahrukh Khan makes games, and unknowingly makes such a game that all the characters are alive. The movie was liked by the kids, and it was a great deal of technology.

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