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First Time foreign traveler, North Korean’s Tanashah kim jong Un visit to China

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North Korean’s Tanashah kim jong Un visit to China

According to the international media, a train carrying a North Korean officer has reached Beijing. It is being claimed that this person is none other than kim jong visit to China

North Korean's Tanashah kim jong - wikifeed

North Korean Tanashah Kim Jong-why did he suddenly visit Beijing? According to media reports, it is believed that North Korean Tanashah arrived here from a special train. Nonetheless, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chuing said in media briefing that there is no information at this time about Kim jong un visit to China.

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Intriguing images from Beijing, captured by Japan’s Nippon TV. A 21-car train, similar to one used by Kim Jong Il in 2011, pulled into Beijing Station around 3pm. Met by honor guard and line of VIP cars. Speculation is that Kim Jong Un could be in Beijing.

Tokyo’s Nippon News Network has shown pictures of that (green and yellow) train in which Kim Jong is claiming to have them. Chanel says that Kim Jong was his father in 2011 and before him the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il also reached Beijing in a similarly visible train. Their Chinese tour was confirmed after their departure.

North Korean's Tanashah kim jong - wikifeed

According to the report, there has been claimed ‘unusual’ activities outside the Beijing railway station. A shop manager outside the station says that on Monday evening, he saw ‘unusual’ activities. The manager said, ‘There were large number of police officers outside, on the road and before the station. The station was closed from inside. ‘Reuters also reported to police the evacuation of Thienyanman Square of Beijing

Although official media of China and North Korea did not cover this story. At the same time, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said they have no information about this. There is no confirmation from the President’s Office of South Korea too. Some experts say that Kim could have sent his sister Kim Yo Jong to China on a tour. But if Kim actually came on a visit to China then it could be considered an important diplomatic progress.



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