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This film was made on Stephen Hawking, won the Best Actor Oscar

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This film was made on Stephen Hawking, won the Best Actor Oscar

The theory of Everything won the Best Actor Oscar in 2014, on the life of Stephen Hawking. Also it was nominated in 5 categories.

Stephen Hawking was counted among the big scientists of the modern era. He devoted his life to discover the mysteries of the universe. His theories on the Big Bang and the Black Hole surprised everyone. On January 8, 1942, at Oxford, UK, Stephens considered science to be its destiny and put forward many such things based on scientific thinking, which was said to be a revolutionary turning point in the understanding of the universe.

Stephen Hawking - wikifeed

In 1974 Extraordinary research on black holes has written a number of books, such as Stephen Hawking, the grand design, Universe in Natchell, My Brief History, The Theory of Everything, which gave a new twist to his theory, who kept his scientific understanding and contemplation in front of the world. Stephen Hawking, one of the world’s greatest scientists, gave a different theory about the role of God in the creation of the world.

Stephen Hawking said:

He clearly said that there is no God who is making this world, but this world has come into existence according to the laws of physics.

The Theory of Everything

The life of Stephen Hawking was dropped on the screen through the movie The Theory of Everything. Stephen’s character, Eddie Redmyne, won the film, for which he also won an Oscar Award for Best Actor of that year. Directed by director James Marsh, the film received 5 nominations at the 87th Academy Awards. Actress Felicity Jones played her partner’s role.

Stephen Hawking - wikifeed


The film was based on his first wife, Jane Wilde’s book Traveling to Infinity. Infinity meant here is a divorce. In this, Jane talked closely to Stephen, in which the situation was told from the beginning of his love story to his separation.

Stephen’s personal life and his stir with the Theory of Everything came in front of the people. At the same time, it was also revealed that how a very loving relationship has turned into bitterness over time. Jane had said in an interview after the film’s release – despite the illness I loved her as before. But one day came when Stephen and I had to be separated. Many times he used to spend his whole week on his chair. She did not even see me and our children many times.

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They did not tell about their condition. One day sitting quietly, Stephen said that I completed my search. He told that after research, he had become a celebrity. I was not jealous of this, but due to this we had problems in our relationships.

Tell us that Stephen, separated from Jane in 1995, married his nurse Ellen Mason. The couple divorced in 2006 Hawking’s daughter Lucy had done a case against Allen, she was behaving inhumanly with Hawking. But in 2004 the investigation of this case was completed and Allen was released from the case.

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