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“Diya Aur Baati Hum” actress Deepika Singh enjoying motherhood | Entertainment

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“Diya Aur Baati Hum” actress Deepika Singh enjoying motherhood

Actor Deepika Singh and her husband, director Rohit Raj Goyal, welcomed their son Sohum in May this year. The actor, who is on maternity leave, says she does not regret staying at home to take care of her child.

dipika singh marriage latest entertainment news - wikifeed

“When he [Sohum] smiles, the world becomes beautiful and every tension goes away. And when he screams, I just become desperate to calm him down and make him happy. I’m in love with him and I’ve never had this feeling even for Rohit … someone occupies my mind [for all] 24 hours, “says Deepika, who shot to fame with the role of Sandhya in the show, Diya Aur Baati Hum.

The actor does not watch scriptures or plans his return to show business anytime soon. “I only concentrate during this time that I spend with my son. I really go out and I’ve done a shot too. In such a case, my mother-in-law is really supportive and helpful, “says the actor. What kind of role does she contemplate with? “I like inspiring roles. I enjoyed when people would come up and tell me how Sandhya encouraged their children to be ambitious. It’s what I’m looking for, “she says.

There are only a few serials on television which we like to watch with our family. One of the serials was “Diya Aur Baate” which has been the top serial of Star Plus. In this, Deepika Singh, who is playing a multi, won the heart of the people with her rituals and goodness. But do you know who won the heart of Deepika? Rohit is the same serial director!

dipika singh marriage latest entertainment news - wikifeed

The people will not even think that they will fly Rohit by paying a tribute to everybody and give them a sense of humor. Congratulations to this love by all the audience and fans and the future life are being prayed to be pleasant. A little hero Sohum will also be seen on the screen a few days later.

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Watch the video:

(source: youtube)

Yes, this news is absolutely true. Deepika, who ruled the hearts of everyone, made Rohit his own. The love of Deepika and Rohit is not new, but these two are dating each other for many years.  In the same way, their secret vanished when they announced marriage.

While the serial shooting was going on one side, on the other hand, they thought of getting married. After which  a tremendous party was arranged and on May 2, 2014, they were tied in with the purity of marriage with each other. This marriage took place very fast. Like they did not want anyone to know about our affair.

dipika singh marriage latest entertainment news - wikifeed

So it says that along with love, all the artists working in the serials came to the wedding in Mumbai’s Mira Road. In the supervision of all the stars, this marriage turned into a historical marriage, because at that time the shooting of the show was also going on.

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Deepika Singh who is now the most popular actress in the world of TV serials. He was born on July 26, 1989, in Delhi city of Dilawar. After completing elementary education from Delhi, Deepika has done an MBA from Punjab University. Deepika and Rohit’s love brought color and she gave birth to a baby boy, whose name is Soham.

dipika singh marriage latest entertainment news - wikifeed

Like the serial of Deepika, it came out of the serial world. This time, the same multiplication became the pride of somebody’s house. When such a gentleman is on TV, how happy would it be for Rohit’s family to find him in real life? Rohit is also very happy with this marriage because his love was very old, but after all, this love of the car got its conclusion.

If you think of this incident, you will feel like a teacher and a girl student, but regret is the difference between the two years of age, which is a witness to the relationship between them

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