Ravi Arjun Das Hingorani changed the sex and married Prem Kumar

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In February it was reported from Asarwa area of ​​Gujarat that 29-year-old Ravi Arjun Das Hingorii spent Rs 5 lakh and changed her sex in Mumbai and got married to childhood friend Prem Kumar Chandanani. Ravi and Prem were friends since childhood. Lived in the neighborhood itself. Girls’ clothes from Ravi on childhoodWearing to like them, to do make-up. He told his friend Prem Kumar that I like to become a girl, if I change my sex and become a girl then no one will marry me. Then Prem said that if he changes the sex then he will marry her

A similar news was just a few days before the CISF jawan came, when he got the surgery and became a girl and got married to Constable. These are the cases which have come in the media, according to the report, cases of sexual change are increasing rapidly in the Delhi hospital.

Five people in the Central Delhi’s Loknayak Hospital are in line for changing their sex The doctor says you may find this number less, but this is a bigger number than the previous years. Because in the first year, one or two people used to take an operation to change sex. But the way this number is increasing, it seems that the taboo that was about sex, it is now melting


People kept their sex life hidden He was afraid of society because he was afraid of not accepting them. But now people are accepting their sex status because of social support. And this is a matter of happiness. Because everyone has the right to live on their own.

There are two engineers and one medical student in the list of sexually transmitted people in Loknayak Hospital. ‘It’s not a shocking thing. Most of the people who change sex are involved in middle class backgrounds. Psychiatrist consultant Dr. Rajiv Mehta says, “Until two years ago, one or two cases were coming in a year. Now there are three to four cases every month. Mehta has just tested a girl from Noida. The 27-year-old girl was saying

‘I did not like wearing frock and playing with dolls. When I realized I had a boy, my parents did not agree to accept this. They thought I was doing this intentionally. And because of this conflict I started living in tension.

Three years ago this girl tried to sleep by eating sleeping pills. The house admired him at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Where it came to know that due to alcohol and nicotine they started to become more stressful. The girl said that she had more than half the whiskey bottle and 20 cigarettesWas finished in one day. He said that he felt himself a boy in a woman’s body. After this the doctor explained the girl’s family. And then the girl was treated. The girl removed her breasts and vejina in a Mumbai hospital and got a penis

The doctor says that changing sex is irreversible. Therefore, such a patient is called a cross dress. Who live like a man or woman Before performing the surgery, the doctor speaks to the person living in the same way that he wants to be. If a girl is becoming a man, then she keeps it like a man, and if a man is a woman, then he has to live like a woman. This is done for around 6 months.

The doctor says that the procedure to change sex is not easy. It is important to make all the tests before getting it done. This is a costly treatment in private hospital, so people in public hospitals are waiting for surgery,

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