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Friends, at least 100% of all people in the world say sleeping time or food and sometimes they will think that how the universe looks like

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Friends, today we are going to tell you about the universe. Friends, all of you know how big the world is. And all of you know that there are many different worlds than ours. So friends, at least 100% of all people in the world say sleeping time or food and sometimes they will think that how the universe looks or how it will be done and how it will be seen from inside. And the special thing is that how can the earth be seen from Akas?

So let us come to the friends today, we make you the city of the universe and you do not have to go anywhere. Only you read this content and you yourself will feel that in reality we are within the universe itself.

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Then come friends, the city of the universe, friends, when we put our eyes on the sky towards the eyes. So first of all we see the sky.

And after that when we can see only the sky from our eyes. The friends who came here told us about the next and did it exist within the universe.

ozone layer |

So friends, the second number is ozone layer which you all have read about the ozone layer. The larger the ozone layer, the greater the ozone layer, like the sun’s ray also takes 7 seconds to do it, and when it comes, the sun’s ray on our earth is reached.

moon |

Then on the third number, therefore, the meaning and the moon, which you all know. You must know that the aliens are also known to be on the moon and they have also lived in a different world, which is no longer now.

mars moon |

And when it goes ahead, it comes. So then, a planet that happens from the moon is the name of that planet. Mars (mars) This planet is bigger than the moon, no life can be spent on it

jupiter ,asteroids ,nepture ,saturn ,uranus |

And when we take our view beyond this Mars, then it happens after jupiter, asteroids, nepture, saturn, uranus that these planets are interconnected each other and these planets continue to cycle through the Earth

pluto | wikifeed.inmars |

After that, if the ferries move forward, then a planet that you all have to keep listening to the name of that planet, the planet named He (Pluto), and there are other planets, these planets are these kuiper belt .

eris |

And after this, eris planets and sedna planets that this planet interconnects each other

comets |

And then, in the universe, it would be on the other side of the universe. It is another planet whose name is comets, which we call Dhoom Ketu planet and it is bigger than the Earth. We also speak this planet as the flashing star

alpha centauri |

And when it goes further than this, then it goes back to the alpha centauri (which is the name of a star) and circulates around it sirius and procyon. This is also the largest and most shining star in the universe. Do not know how many such asteroid will be such a planet

capella wordpress |

After this, if the folks move forward vega and capella

hyades cluster |

Now friends go ahead and go ahead and pleiades, orion nebula and friends, if we talk further than this then we would have got it. Scutum-centaurus arm and sagittarius arm and orion spur, perseus arm It is the top of the planet. If we go further and further, then he also tells us to do such a forward.

Galaxy |

So when friends make us all these planets, then we get out of that place, whatever you all know, talk to them, talk about the sky beyond the galaxy, let’s have it Galaxy You must have known how big this sky is Ganga, now friends go to this universe, Rebb Arbo Galaxy O

Now friends, if we talk about Galaxy too, then let’s say that it’s done outside. So friends go beyond its magellanic colouds, stellar disk and this also leads to a cold gas

jupiter ,asteroids ,nepture ,saturn ,uranus |

After that there are many planets that no one knows about the planets, yet our earth, which is visible to many planets, is also visible. Such as leo1, leo 2, ursa minor dwarf draco dwa, rf, barnards galaxy Such as the milky way (also known as the galaxy) , Andromeda Galaxy, ursa major group (Ursa major group)

fornax cluster |

And then if we talk about friends ahead of them then let’s go, friends, we also take you here. Then he goes further than virgo cluster (virgin cluster) and

black |

Now friends, you must have seen all this if friends talk about such things ahead of us, friends, this is nothing more than just and just ignore them. So there is nothing in front of it, it is the end of the Brahmand It has happened, now it has been seen that we have done it in the universe.

If friends did not come to your liking, then see the following video.

And after that friends, our vision is said to be seen by somebody on the other side.

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