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Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde’s mother revealed the real reason for her daughter being unmarried | Entertainment

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Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde’s mother revealed the real reason for her daughter being unmarried.

Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde mother Geeta Shinde recently visited the Big Boss house daughter. Shilpa Shinde mother told that the real reason for not getting married.

Entertainment news - wikifeed

Geeta Shinde, she mother of Shilpa Shinde who has been playing Anguri Bhabhi in ‘Bhabiji is at home’ recently came to meet the daughter of ‘Big Boss’ daughter. In this meeting mother-daughter was seen as emotional. Within a few hours of meeting Shilpa, Geeta said in a special conversation with that she is proud of her daughter. In this conversation, Geeta tells Shilpa’s real reason to break the marriage. First to know who was going to be Shilpa wedding.

In 2009, Shilpa’s wedding date had been set and the cards were also splashed. But just two days before Chauth got that same year, Shilpa decided to break the wedding.

Shilpa (40) had to be married, by TV acting Romit Raj (37), who has worked in series such as ‘Mayaka’ and ‘checkmate in father stages’.

Increased proximity during the series. The two had loved and decided to get married in Goa on November 29, 2009 in the presence of the family court, reletives and friends.

Shilpa once said that they had splashed the wedding cards. But later, the sichuation became something that decided to cancel it.

The mother describes the real reason for the marriage breakdown mother of Shilpa, said, “Romit propose, and my daughter accepted this as due to her good fights.” The two had decided to get married. ‘

However, after a while they discovered that they do not match their views. Even the thinking of their families was different. Clearly, it was not right to compromise such a situation a higher relationship. Because of this, my daughter withdrew the marriage decision. He thought he would go ahead to get a good first divorce.

Shilpa has been in a relationship with just one person.

Geeta told us, “Shilpa has seen some plakchueshan in her life, that she likes to live alone.” So he does not raise the question of marriage to the Guptas. ‘

Entertainment news - wikifeed

Shilpa and Vikas have had a very bad relationship in the past. However, it was not personal. I have heard that Big Boss is going to marry both of them during a task inside the house. But there is nothing like that in reality.

When I was in the house, the development came to me and said a lot of things and positivity.

There is no love affair between Shilpa and development before entering the big boss. My daughter has only been in relation to a human being (Romit Raj) and she wanted to marry her. For some reason, break.

Geeta told us, “My daughter is very clean of heart, she never manipulates things, she is a liar and she comes to fight for her rights. In the beginning, everyone is troubling everyone in the house of Big Boss. However, this is not the first time that he has put his people in trouble. Even before that, he had to fight on several occasions and he has been strong enough to do it. I am proud of him playing very well, hopefully he will be winner.”

If someone else would have suede According to Geeta, “Shilpa has witnessed many ups and downs in her life, she has never supported anybody, Shilpa herself has fought herself and made strong, if she had any other place, then she would have been sued.”

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In the fresco, the Geeta says, “when the great chief was not in the Shilpa, it seems more likely.” They have become fairer. It is still looking beautiful. She does not need makeup to look beautiful. I’m stunned that Priyank Sharma said it was thick. I mean, he’s going to talk about parsanailiti from Shilpa. However, I am happy that Salman Khan gave him the correct answer.

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