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Be Positive and Be Confident.

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                                               Be Positive and Be Confident:

Well, according to me positive is just like a power, a power of being energetic, confident and self motivational .Its a vibration which comes and passes from each other. If myself I am positive I passes this vibration to the another people who will come in my contact. But today,s time  negativity is spreading their leg all around and the effect is in front of us. Not even elders but also children’s  are also become so much negative and result is come in form of anger  rudeness and loneliness. Its a disease and destroyed our relationships also…so please be aware and be positive.

 rising Sun | wikifeed.in

Now the question is how?

Ok I have answer may be it works for you because it helpful for me to overcome  from my negativity. lets start:

What is negativity?

Negativity is just a bad state of our mind. It is a tendency to be downbeat ,disagreeable, and skeptical.  It’s a pessimistic behavior that always expects worst.

Results :



3.IMPATIENCE  and many more…..

I gave you an example of negative vibrations:

one day in the  morning you wake up late and so you are very disturb because today you have to reach office on time because its your first day . but with this disturbing  you going to awaking your child and when they didn’t listen  you or didn’t obey , you again tensed and say some rude word to them. Now children also feel bad when you shout them, and so they also get disturb like you, same in  office or at your home  this vibration till moving to each other until someone break this chain.

Everybody whoever fell disturbed should not get so much depress that other person may be get bother from you. Actually in my term this is NEGATIVITY.


It is just a good  healthy  and happy mind state.to accept the world as it is .

Accept the worst situation happily calmly and stay normal .Not too much anger, loudness, somehow  extrovert which expects to be happy and stay others happy also.

Results : 




I take above example in the positive form now:

One day when you wake up late in the morning you  will definitely get disturbed because you have to reach on time due to first day I n your office, well now you need to bring  and collect lots   of good thoughts like its late  but not too much if I work fast  there is a possibility to reach on time ,this is a positive thought and one positive thought can make your day and now you go to further work like awaking  your kids  so with a happy mind you do and when your happy vibrations passes to your kids their morning also became happy otherwise  everything could be spoil .now this happy and positive vibration passes to your office and help you became confident  patient not messed  …you can now feel the power of positivity all around you.

How to become and create a positive mind and its amazing effects :

 rising Sun | wikifeed.in

1. Hope :

When people criticize and complain you ,you should focus on the good in yourself, look beyond goals.Focus on  you create a new reality for yourself and those around you. You break the rules and you show the world how IMPOSSIBLE can become I’M POSSIBLE.

2. Boost Self Confidence :

Powerful words can help to boot our self moral .words have a power to destroy or heal .

Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world. ~ Buddha

By looking for opportunities instead of obstacles, by looking for the good in

By looking for opportunities instead of obstacles, by looking for the good in ourselves and others and by praising the good traits instead of the bad ones,   and also the self-confidence of those we interact with. By doing so, we help transform negative behaviors into positive ones and we go from being unhappy to being happy.

3. Positive Impact

Positive attitude, not only  have a positive impact on people’s lives by constantly looking For ways, but also  have a positive impact on the world we all live in, for you can’t help one person without helping yourself and without helping the whole world.

  1. happines

A positive attitude will always gives you happiness the reason is now you know how to defeat your problems

5 Love

A happy and positive person always get loved by all.

People always aware to know those things or people who  makes them happy, and patience, you can became an inspiration to others who bcame like you.

So be happy be positive  and stay healthy.

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