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A King who also kept Kaliyug under his crown

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Once there was a king whose name was parikshit, one day he was going to forest to play Shikar with his army. He chased a deer in a very dangerous forest. When the king was going back to his castle after playing the parikshit prey then he saw that a black bull was killing one of them.

And when the king wanted to see that in my kingdom this is happening in a big way, one bull is killing this innocent Gautama. So much so that the king wanted to arrange arrows on it. And as soon as the arrows were going on. So that black bull falls on that king! And he immediately becomes a hat adder and he asks for his life.

king of desired |

When the hand stood up in front of the king, then the king asked him that he wanted to kill an innocent coward, then he said, expressing his identity. The king will be like this in my kingdom so that after listening to this, the king wanted to come in and he would become his dalit to die.

And as soon as it happens to be targeted at that black bull, it is in such a way that the hand is tied up. And he says, ‘Sir, you will die whom you kill me today. Today you will kill me. This is the law’s law. And that will be the same. So the king says that it will not let this happen in his kingdom.

And the king asks him to introduce her to him. Then he would tell that the king would have to be unaware of it in my kingdom and he would die son-in-law, he would say to the mother, that there is a time in Maharaj. That same day, which Brahma Dev has made me to be unimaginable.

Seeing this, the King wanted to come in and he would say that this does not happen in his kingdom. So when the king says, why do not you go to a good place? So when you say that Maharaj, you will give me a correct place and you will spend your life on the same. Upon hearing this, the king said to him, “From now on you will live in gold.”

king of desired |

When the king asks so much that he wants to sit down in the twilight of the king. The King was a free gold and he had got a boon to stay in gold. And after all this is finished, the king goes away. When he was a little away from his palace, he started to feel very fast. Then one sage goes to Muni’s ashram. So when the king gives the voice to drink water, no one comes from it.

When no one comes to the king to get water They themselves go inside the ashram. And they are very happy to see this when they are seen by the sage, but they do not get it. And in our mind that we used to serve them so much and today we need it, then it has closed the eyes after seeing it. So they become nazed and they make a dead snake unknowingly in their throat. Giving it.

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And when the king arrives in his palace, his queen is removed from her head when she crowned her crown. So, as soon as the crown is removed from the head, the king remembers the matter, and saying that I have committed this serious crime. And that new leg is only going to the ashram of Rishi Muni. And when the king comes with a snake in the throat of the parikshit, sage Muni, then the son of Rishi Muni comes from there.

And when he saw the snake of his father and mother, he became very angry and gave it to seven days later that day, the dead snake would scold him whoever snatched this snake into my father’s womb.

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When the king goes to the ashram of the parikshit,sage Muni, he goes to the sage of the sage and asks for forgiveness. So the sage Muni says that Rajan talked that you are apologizing to us. The king tells them everything. So the sage Muni says that Rajan, I do not even know that you did this. In the same way, the son of Rishi Muni, Ajtas, said and said that O Rajan had snatched the snake and I cursed that seven days from now, this snake will snatch it.

So the king says that the sage can not do such a thing and the sage Muni says that Rajan can not be taken back if he is cursed. But in doing so I do not even know when you will be able to know this before snapping the snake. When the king reached the palace when he reached the palace, he thought that even if he had died one day or so, and thinking of this, the king asked everyone to gather in a court.

janmejaya does sarpa yaga |

And the king, after leaving his son to his whole kingdom, started running there and he started to sing kirtan bhajan along the river Ganga. When the kings of the surrounding came to know, they also asked them to satisfy them and whoever came to meet them and used to make them understand them.

And many Muniyo had to make a serpent yag also that in the serpent yag, the serpents in the world as they were in that yag started falling in a hot spoon, but only one serpent was left with that day It was to be alive afterwards. So the king was not slaughtered by that yag.

After all, the king’s son came along with his cenico and said, “Father, do not you worry, I will keep you in the middle of the circle and say that a snake can not even come in.” And when the day was over, that Sap also got alive and he went to the king in a basket of fruit and went inside and went to King Dosliya.

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