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51% of Indian women are suffering from Anemia and Obesity | Health & Fitness

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51% of Indian women are suffering from Anemia and Obesity

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Along with malnutrition in India, obesity also emerges as a serious problem. According to a global report, anemia and obesity are increasing rapidly in the country. That is a serious problem. According to this report, it is believed that around 2 billion people around the world are facing this problem. And half of the women in the country suffer from anemia (lack of blood). At least 22 percent of adult women are heavily suffering from the problem of obesity.

In India, large number of women suffer from obesity

In the 2017 Global Nutrition report, the state of malnutrition has been observed in 140 countries including India. In these countries, India is behind the world. Most women here suffer from anemia. Two or three types of malnutrition are spread in the country and effected 88 percent. Approximately, 40 percent of children in India are underweight due to malnutrition. This said that there are three major forms of malnutrition in these countries, including the lack of development in children, lack of blood in women at the age of becoming women and overweight adult women.

Three kind of malnutrition

information - wikifeed

This report has been prepared based on the three dimensions of malnutrition. These dimensions are not the height of children, anemia in women aged 15-49 and overweight women in more than 50 years of age. According to the latest data, 38 percent of children under 5 years of age are affected by the development, in which the length of the children is less than the age due to the lack of nutrients and it has a bad effect on their mental capacity.

About 21 percent of children below five years suffer from such disorders in which their weight is less than their proportion to their length.

Bad effects on health

Nearly 51 percent of women who are mothers are suffering from a lack of blood. This is a problem in which the mother and child health have a bad effect in the long run. According to the report, more than 22 percent of adult women are overweight.

61.4 million women in the world with age group of 15-49 are affected with anemia . India’s share is highest in this. Here, 51 percent of all women aged 15-49 have anemia. This is followed by China, Pakistan, Nigeria and Indonesia. Not only this, in India about 22% of women over 18 years of age (one in five) are weighing heavily.

Anemia: The lack of red blood cells or hemoglobin in the body is called anemia. Due to this, the body becomes dull and weak. There may be many other diseases when anemia develops. Women are more affected than men.

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