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5 famous magicians who have kept the art of magic alive in india .

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                             Top 5  great magicians of India.

Magician P C Sorcar |

During the ancient times Latin was used to refer to Maggi Zorrussian. [Excerpt desired] The demonstration of magic and its practice is historical and very ancient. Surely for the practice of magic, various objectives will be developed so far, where entertainment, tricks, deceptions, delusions, sports fraud and fun can be done. Occasionally, in religious context and purpose, it means providing social education with any kind of preaching and treatment. The practice of magic became apparent around India in the beginning of the 18th century, and finally the nation introduced some different magicians in later years. West Bengal, Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat, Delhi, Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh and some other parts of India have so far prepared some great magicians.

It will not be true to say that most of us are excited by the magic show and very curious to know the truths and techniques behind those misleads, they run us to watch these shows. The West had tried to resurrect this dying art, in which the Daredevilry included through the films such as The Illusionist, The Prestige etc. were made attractive.However, due to the lack of sponsorship and well paid shows in India, the magicians have to face. There is no novelty in the lack of fortune, the print media apathy and magical routine has forced them into their tragic situation.

With the dominance of electronic media in entertainment, the journey of magic is all down from here, unless steps are taken to breathe rapidly in this art that disappears rapidly in this life. Role of the media will be important in popularizing art nature among children, who have taken backstage against singing and dancing.

                    Top 5 great magicians of India.

1)magician, Pratul Chandra sorcor

P. C. The government was the stage name of a famous magician, Pratul Chandra sorcor. He was an internationally active magician in the 1950s and 1960s, in which he exhibited his indecent show on living audiences and television.

Magician P C Sorcar |


The most familiar name of Indian families, PC  sorcor was a great scholar. An ethnic Bengali, sorcor after completing her graduation chose magic as her full-time profession. His magic routine soon earned strong enthusiasm among Indians as well as the foreign crowd. He was a true international appeal of PC sorcor he toured across the country to perform breathtaking magical tricks in a show called Indrajal.


Magician P C Sorcar |

He created a place in the mind of the people with his own freshness and cleanliness of his hands and his display effect on the people that his name became synonymous with magic in India. And for his contribution to the society and in respect of the government, the government issued a postage stamp on his name.।


2) Magician O P Sharma

At the beginning of the age of 5, O.P. Sharma reached abroad with more than 36,600 shows and 46 million years in the magical world. There is a growing middle-class family in Ballia of Uttar Pradesh, which was never easy to complete engineering from Kanpur and become a world famous magician …. But he did it! Now, in the second class the pencil disappears, it is now a statue of Liberty on stage, it is a matter of trick for it. It was always his passion and fate that used to work in his favor and where he brought it where he is now! His attractive personality, his kindness, his humor, his sense of performance and all his listeners, comes in a package all at once, which gets in the audience. Magician O.P. Sharma has given us a wonderful gift called colorful irony, which he presented his show as a title. We can experience the adventures of magic and entertainment under Indrajal and can promote the art of dying in our county.

Magician O P Sharma |

OP Sharma is also known as “Judeugar”, which is a famous magician famously famous in the northern states of the country. We all grew up seeing our poster, in which only the greening green or Hot Magenta was their very excited face.


Magician O P Sharma |

Since the man got worldwide popularity when a building in Jodhpur disappeared, he has taken a lot of such disappearing acts with his son OP Sharma Jr.


3) Magician and Harmonica player Ashok Bhandari

Magician Ashok Bhandari |

Mr. Ashok Bhandari is a man of multiple traits. At the age of 15, the entrepreneur inside persuaded him to manufacture detergents. Later, he moved to Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India and his interests took an inclination towards Magic. Being a pro at playing Harmonica, Mr. Bhandari started performing shows to support his love for Magic.

Ashok Bhandari-A magician who loves the Harmonica!

Magician Ashok Bhandari |

Apart from playing the harmonica, Ashok ji plays the keyboard, flute and many other percussion instruments. In fact, he is a very good percussionist and had performed on various percussion instruments long ago. When asked why he fell in love with the harmonica, he says that it (harmonica) is the sweetest instrument. It is very challenging to play the harmonica because one can’t know what is happening in the player’s mouth. Moreover, harmonica is a magical instrument which leaves the audience spell bound. He sites an example mentioning that he has to take a truck load of props for his magic shows and carries this tiny instrument with him. He always plays the harmonica during his shows and finds that his audience which attends his magic shows is impressed by his harmonica performance to a much greater extent.


4) Magician Kantilal a.k.a K Lal

Magician Kantilal a.k.a K Lal |

Kantilal Girdharilal Vora (14 January 1924 – 23 September 2012), popularly known as K Lal, also known as Bhaumik Gupta was an Indian magician. In a career spanning 62 years, he staged over 22,000 shows around the world, performing his last show in July 2012.He and his son(K.Lal Junior) performed together for 32 years.In 1968 I.B.M (U.S.A) gave him the title of World’s fastest Magician.He is very famous for his unbelievable items like Head Separated From Body(Talking & Moving),’A Giant Killer Saw’,’The Flying Lady’,’Evil Joker’. Paul Daniel,Great magician of U.K. says about K.Lal “He does a stunning illusion show of pure magic.” Russian magician Kieo says about K.Lal’s show “I have never seen such a giant magnificent show.” In 2004 he created a world record of staging 20,600 magic shows. He died at his home in Ahmedabad in September 2012 at the age of 88

An iconic magician whose career spanned for more than 60 years, Mr. Kantilal Vora performed staggering 22000 shows in India and abroad. His audience included famous Bollywood personalities of yesteryears like Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Rajendra Kumar, Nargis etc. His stunning routines like “Head separated from Body”, ”Killer Saw” and many more enthralled viewers of all ages.


5) Magician and motivational speaker – Gopinath Muthukad

Magician and motivational speaker – Gopinath Muthukad |

One of youngest of the lot, this magician from Kerala is a man on a mission. As an ambassador of Kerala Government, Gopinath travelled the state with the message of Literacy. He is the founder of the Asia’s first Academy of Magic at Thiruvanantpuram, India. At the tender age of 37, this artist has achieved a handful when compared to his peers.

Muthukad’s 30 years of magical excellence mostly comprises of sheer magic that makes magic as the heart and soul for him. Muthukad with thorough research, learning and practices formulated more than two dozens of dazzling magical events. Besides getting a name, the unique events gave marvellous contribution to the native magic which offered pride to the present, and forthcoming generations. A list of incredible feats performed by him are: Houdini Fire Escape Act, Water Torture Escape, The Great Car Vanishing Act, Enchanting Cine Magic, Stunning Bullet Catching Act, Great Elephant Vanishing Act, Awesome Aircraft Manifestation, Life & Death Act, Great Prediction Manifesto. Now, Magician Muthukad is ready to embark on its first tour of UK and then to rest Europe during May-June 2016

These multi-talented personalities are in charge to act as an ambassador and make magic another sought after option for the kids to pursue. But, as emphasized earlier, without the enthusiasm of electronic media this art would continue to slip into oblivion.

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