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Chandra Grahan Blood Moon 2018: 27th July के चंद्र ग्रहण का रहस्य क्या है?

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Chandra Grahan 2018 lunar eclipse time blood moon in India

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The largest lunar eclipse of the century seems to be on the midnight of Chandra Grahan 27th July 2018. Pandit Prasad Dixit of Varanasi, giving detailed information about the Lunar eclipse, said, “The special thing is that this eclipse will be seen throughout India and touch eclipse will be visible till the medieval and salvation period”. Khagrassa lunar eclipse will appear throughout the continent of Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. In most part of New Zealand, eclipses will also appear in most parts of Japan, Russia, China, Africa and Europe.

Chandra Grahan - wikifeed

This eclipse is 3 hours 55 minutes. The eclipse touch is 11: 54 minutes at night, mid-hour at 1:52 pm and the salvation time is 3: 49 minutes at night. Lunar eclipse will take place at 2:54 in the daytime. Whatever auspicious work is done, it is best to do all the work before the Yutak period, because today Guru Purnima is also there. Therefore, whatever religious actions they perform for the sake of Guru Purnima, they should do religious work within the period of 2-3 minutes i.e. 2:54 minutes.

On a religious and astrological basis, the auspicious and inauspicious fruits of the lunar eclipse are counted. Some precautions are also being said on this basis. According to astrologers, let’s know what are the precautions …

Avoid excessive physical, mental and intellectual labor during eclipse. Students and professionals, in particular, are advised to stay comfortable during this period. Housewives should also avoid hard work in household work. Arunesh Kumar Sharma, astrologer, says that all religious work is done before or after euphoric.

Chandra Grahan - wikifeed

Devapuja is also prohibited during eclipse. For this reason, the valves of many temples are closed at the time of eclipse. In such a way, worship, worship or dev Darshan is forbidden.

It is said that food should not be eaten at the time of the sutak. Before the eclipse, the vessel containing Kusha and Tulsi leaves should be put in the vessel containing the drinking water. At the time of eclipse in Kusha and Basil, there is amazing power to store the bacteria spreading in the environment.

Water should be changed after eclipse. It has also been proved from many scientific researches that digestive power of man becomes very relaxed at the time of eclipse. In such a situation, if there is a contaminated food or water in their stomach, their apprehensions of getting sick will increase.

Astrological notion that do not cut hair and nails at the time of eclipse, do not work any sewing-embroidery at this time. This is considered unlucky.

According to astrologers, there is no need to sleep at the time when eclipse occurs. Pregnant women, the sick person and the elderly can relax.

During the lunar eclipse, pregnant women are advised to avoid the shadow of eclipse, especially because the fear of falling prey to the fetus is due to the effect of the shadow of eclipse.

According to astrology, abstinence should be exercised during eclipse. At the time of eclipse, husband and wife should not have physical relation.

According to the astrological belief, during the eclipse, cleaning of teeth, combing hair etc. should not be used.

You should take food before the eclipse begins. Should take bath after eclipse.

Eating and eating is considered taboo during eclipse.

Avoid starting a new and auspicious work during eclipse. Failure may be handy.

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