17 year old girl's murder | wikifeed.in

5 people aboard a motorcycle hit a 17 year old girl

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The state of Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of gem rap and hatiya keesh. The reason for this can be anything, because of the love of such hairdressing, the people get their revenge on those innocent girls. Or because of the battle of a house, innocent children get the revenge for their fight.

The same incident happened in front of us. In a shocking news from Yogi Adityanath’s ruling state of Uttar Pradesh, a 17-year-old girl was assassinated by five men and the 17-year-old girl was killed when she protested against teasing her in a bamboo area. . Therefore, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, the second case of chaos is counted. The victim’s 17-year-old girl’s name is Ragni Dubey, who has been killed against her lifting a voice.

17 year old girl's murder | wikifeed.in

According to the report, it is being told. When the girl was filled with her own personal work from the bicycle. Then only five people were riding on two motorcycles, then those people followed the girl. After that the girl had caught that girl near the Shankar Pur Bhavani temple. And according to the reports by police officers, they forced them to talk to them. They said,

When the boys started teasing with that girl, the girl started pushing her boys to save her life when the girl was pushing those people to save her life, she fell down on the road from the bicycle. Gone. And when the girl fell down on the street then those 5 people hit that girl very much and also killed her on the motorcycle and the boy’s body started bleeding and because of the gathering of people, they The crowd of people present went to the hospital. Where doctors declared him dead.

17 year old girl's murder | wikifeed.in

It is being told that this girl was a student of class 12. And when he was going to his house, the boys riding on some motorcycles started pursuing him. According to the report, he is being told. The boy who was killing the girl was the boy’s principal and some of his friends and his nephew. All of them have filed a report to the police. Now the police will be taken into custody and prosecuted.

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